Testimonials: Tony Soprano

In my efforts to get the word out there on TINO Sports Page I have decided to turn to Celebrity Testimonials. I’m hoping that some of the words from these stars and their thoughts on TINO and their time here can influence some of those readers out there to spend time at The Sports Page.

Tony Soprano:

How ’bout the fact that I hate TINO? I come home, he’s
sittin’ on the computer in his underwear…wastin’ his time in some
chitchat room goin’ back an’ forth with some other f**kin’ jerkoff…
gigglin’ like a little school girl. I wanna f**kin’ smash his f**kin’
face in.

I think he f**kin’ despises me! Pretty obvious…wants ta see me dead.

Least my father was out front about what was botherin’ him.


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