There is football on tonight…

Who: Delaware (11-3) vs. Appalachian State (12-2)

Where: Chattanooga, Tenn.

Time/TV: Friday, 8 p.m. ET/ESPN2

Update: Appalachian State is trying to be the first team to win three consecutive titles in what is now called the Football Championship Subdivision. … Delaware was national champion in 2003, posting the only shutout in the title game, 40-0 against Colgate.

It’s called the Division I Championship Subdivision now, I know, but that is just stupid so we are going to still call it the D-I AA title game.

I know at first seeing that Appalachian State is playing in this game…going for a Third straight title and history…and their big win early in the season you may think that the winner is a given. But wait, there is more! Delaware has t-shirts!

“Our players have T-shirts with ‘Whatever it takes’ on the back, and that’s the kind of team this is,” says Delaware coach K.C. Keeler, who led the Hens to the 2003 title. “With the strength of our conference, you know no one is going to blow you away once you get into the tournament.”

In the first round Delaware played Delaware State for the first time EVER. How could they not make a game between two in state teams happen EVER?

“This was a game people had talked about playing for 25, 30 years,” Keeler says. “It got the kids very focused and honed in.”

Check out the added motivation that Appy State has playing this game…talk about bookending a season. The Delaware helmet…



Here are some thoughts from Appalachian Staters…

“We won’t be satisfied until we get that victory,” says Mountaineers sophomore quarterback Armanti Edwards, who rushed for 313 yards and four touchdowns and threw for three touchdowns in the semifinal. “We knew if we didn’t get back here, that win (against Michigan) would mean nothing.”

“I remember telling my friends, ‘I sure hope we don’t win against Michigan. I’m serious, I kind of hope we don’t win this game.’ Because I knew we could,” senior safety Corey Lynch says. (Corey is a liar…nobody thought they would win that deep down) “If we do that, we’ll have three targets on our chest — Michigan and two national championships.”

“Michigan was a great history-maker. It’s good for college football and good for the underdog,” Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore says after a recent practice. “But because of that, I think both us and Michigan experienced a lot of distractions in different ways.”

So…With a win here there should be some talk of Appy State making the jump up to play with the big boys in D-1. Not saying it should happen, but you know how speculation rolls.

Quotes are from THIS article.


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