Another Football League

Want to own your own team? The United National Football League is looking for owners. You must have a valid email address and bring a 12-pack to Marvin’s house for the draft.

New Haven, Conn. (PRWEB) November 29, 2007 — The United National Football League announced today that it is actively engaged in the process of finding potential franchise owners that will make up the leagues 22 teams for its inaugural season set to kick-off in January 2009.

These things are so damned cute. They even have logo’s picked out so if you become an owner you don’t even get to get in on that. It’s like creating a team on Madden and not even getting to do the uniform edit. Would you join a fantasy league if the Commish named your team?

Reading through the league website it sounds like someone putting a Dynasty Fantasy Football League together…except maybe not as thought out. Sooooo…considering they don’t have anything going yet, shooting for a little over one year from now may not be the best plan for success.

The Season

The season will start in January 2009 and end in April 2009 (before the NFL draft). There will be playoff games and a championship game. Each division winner gets in the playoffs, and the two teams with the best record get a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

Maybe they would be better off putting four…maybe eight teams together instead of jumping to 22.

It would be cool to see some of the guys from the smaller schools have a chance to go on and play, like my University of Dubuque…but my money says my Dynasty IDP league lasts longer than this and the revenue is likely going to be higher.

This has got to be a joke. Those logos look worse than the stuff you get on fantasy.


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2 Responses to “Another Football League”

  1. gulfcoastpolo Says:

    The AAFL and now this. So is this going to be the league for players who cant get into the AAFL since they require that you be college graduate. I agree 22!!! start off with 6, 8, or maybe 12 teams but 22 is too much

  2. Tino Says:

    Considering they don’t even have owners it is much…lol.

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