We Give Patriots

It wasn’t fair to put the hope of the non-Patriot fan world on the shoulders of the Steelers…but we had to. Who else is going to do it?

The New York Jets? They did shock everyone with a win over the Steelers. No way they are the one to take down the Pats though.

The Miami Dolphins? How cool would that be? A winless (just assuming they lose next week) Fins team comes into Foxboro and knocks off the undefeated team threatening to take their record away. That would be cool as hell. It’s not likely they will beat any team this year but why not pull for this one to happen? Remember when the Fins gave the 85′ Bears their only loss? Ironically it was the Patriots that went on to their first Super Bowl that year. Go Dolphins, it’s up to you to keep what is yours!

So the Dolphins got blown out. That leaves us with the Patriots making the trip to visit the New York Giants. I brought this game up a few weeks ago as the only NFL Network game that mattered aside from the Cowboys/Packers. They lucked out scheduling this one. You’ll see more of those without NFL Network bitching when this game comes around after a few weeks of silence with games airing we didn’t care about.

I don’t see the Giants doing it. Don’t see any of them doing it. I’m residing to the fact the Pats are going to finsh the season 16-0. I give up. You were my last hope Obi-Wan KSteelers. In a year I watched Barry Bonds break Henry Aaron’s home run record, and Brett Favre taking down Dan Marion’s records I may as well sit back and watch this record that is almost as old as I am fall as well.

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5 Responses to “We Give Patriots”

  1. Snerdly Says:

    I think you are ‘resigning to the fact the Pats are going to finsh the season 16-0’, not residing.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I am still rooting for the Dolphins. This is one of those “too good to be true” stories, and it is going to happen. It just has to!

  3. Tino Says:

    I would love it. If they win one game that would be the one to make it feel a little better.

  4. Tino Says:

    Snerdly…thank you Mr. Editor. Of course I wrote what I meant.

    Please comment more. Do you want a weekly gig?

  5. Patrick Says:

    Oh, it is definitely not going to scare me off next year. I had a blast and checked it as much as I checked my money leagues. It was cool to have some “quasi”-professional competition (I am not sure any of us come close to being professionals haha).

    But yeah, Curveballs is going to be up and running, so keep coming back. Talk to you soon buddy!

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