Tim Tebow is the (Heis)Man this year(Video)

Forget about the “Sophomore can’t win the Heisman” thing. Tim Tebow has done it. You do have to admit that the stats are to be reckoned with…

Evidently, if a quarterback has a 20-20 season — 20 touchdown passes and 20 touchdown rushes — it’s OK if he’s only 20 years old. Tebow completed 217 of 317 passes for 3,132 yards and 29 touchdowns (and only six interceptions), and rushed for 838 yards and 22 scores.

Tebow goes on to join Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerful as QB’s who played for Florida and won the Heisman. In a year or two it’s going to be up to Tebow to break the “Florida QB’s suck in the NFL” thing as well.

The TINO votes went 60% to Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, 40% Hawaii QB Colt Brennan, and zero to Tebow. No blow on Tebow himself…I think people just hate Florida.

You ever have to deal with one of those people that will just NOT shut up about whoever they are a fan of? At the alternative school I work at there is this kid that I think can only speak enough words to count on one hand and every sentence starts with Tim Tebow or Steelers. I’m going to hear about this on Monday. GOD forbid the Steelers beat the Patriots (actually, I hope so) or I think the kids head will explode. Just having fun, he is one of the better kids there, at least I can talk some football with him even if it revolves around those two subjects.

Here is a Tebow highlight reel…

Kick in the shin to ESPN as a source for the quote.


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