20,000 Hit Party!

TINO Sports Page is going to reach the 20,000 hit mark this morning. That counts the hits since moving it here to WordPress from Blogger sometime in June. May not be much but at least I know that some of the crap I’m force feeding people is getting read a little bit.

In honor of our 20,000 hits I thought we would have some beer and women over for today as I take some time to thank some people and places in a big link dump (in no particular order) and use it as an excuse to post pics of scantly clad women.

  • Thanks to the guys and gals at my site There is NO Offseason for listening to me babble there and then clicking on the stuff over here as well.
  • Thanks to our affiliate sites Cowboys Pride and The Sports Zone for letting me push my stuff on their members as well.
  • Thanks to affiliate Pigskin Heaven for leaving up the Ricky Williams comic and video they thought was inappropriate, even if they did move it to a forum I can’t post in as they comment on it.
  • Thanks to the people that click the little “Keep Reading” thingy like below here and actually visit the blog. Only you know that the good stuff is hid behind door #3.

  • Thanks to those guys that subscribe in an RSS reader even if they don’t contribute to the hits because they sit their lazy ass in the reader to read the reading stuff we provide for them to read.
  • Thanks to Amanda Beard for getting nekked. People are still landing here from their Google search for your pics.
  • Thanks to Mike Vick who gave me a reason to post this pic…

  • While we mention The Captains Deck, thank you Spent (from the Deck and every other sports site), just cause you rock.
  • Thank you NFL Network for giving me something to bitch about. Without you I would just be watching Football on Thursday night.
  • Thank you to those that have added There is NO Offseason’s MySpace page to your friends. If you haven’t added us, go on to the next one…this thanks isn’t for you.
  • Thank you to the Babes in our TINO Babe HOF that bring us more visitors looking for women. By the way…TINO Babe All-Stars tourney is starting this week with the ladies that did not win one of our tournaments. Register at the forums and get your vote on.
  • Thank you to Seth McFarland, creator of Family Guy. Finally I feel like someone understands me.
  • Thank you Arena Football for trying so damn hard and no giving up.
  • Thank you to the BCS for doing whatever the hell you want and giving me something to bitch about too.
  • And finally, thank you to the women that thought they had to get nekked as our party went on.

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6 Responses to “20,000 Hit Party!”

  1. kelloggs23 Says:

    No thank you Kelloggs23 for making you look like a genius?

  2. Tino Says:

    I thought about it…but that’s as far as I got.

  3. Patrick Says:

    It has been a pleasure, and I hope we can do it again too!

  4. Ray Says:

    HAH Tino you crack me up!
    Great Party

  5. Blue Says:

    Very classy stuff…Thank you for posting it…I’ve enjoyed every read.

  6. Gregster Says:

    Great read Tino tho you left outv thanx Gregster for winning Survivor pool and being a awesome poster!!! lol j/k great job!

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