NFL Footballderdash Week Fourteen

Last week was my worst showing yet. 0-3 is what I got for sticking with my “The Jags will take one from Indy this year” and my illusion of a Saints turn around. Back to business. Even after that mess I still hold a two game lead on this character. He picked the games again this week so let’s go see what he has for me. First a look at the scores…

Last Week

TINO:0-3 (24-17 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (22-19 overall)

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Nothing like a good rivalry game late in the season. For the Giants this is a game that can push them further toward the playoffs. For the Eagles…well…they can play spoiler against a team they hate. Defense should be key in this game. The Giants tore McNabb up last time they faced each other. Eli is struggling against pressure and the Eagles can bring that on D. On the offensive side of the ball for the Eagles we have to expect a whole lot of Bryan Westbrook. If that isn’t the case the Eagles really do deserve to be where they are in the standings.

TINO: Giants

Is Eli back? I was high on him, then down on him and now I really don’t know what to think about the guy. He looked good at the end against the Bears, but it was the Bears. Ward helped him out a lot that game with a huge rushing total, but now he’s done for the year. Will Eli be able to get it done? McNabb is back for the Eagles, but I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet. I’m gonna go with good along with the fact that Westbrook is the most underrated RB in the league. Anyone remember the last game where McNabb was on his back the entire game because the Gmen manhandled the line. I think PHI will fix its faults and come away with this one.

Kelloggs23: Eagles

and the rest of the games… @
The Steelers are the last hope for the NFL world that are not Patriot fans. This appears to be the last obstacle for the Patriots. Somethings that the Patriots have shown in recent weeks is that they can be calmed down if you punch them in the mouth and they can win close games too. The last two weeks have been 3 point wins. The Steelers are just the team to pop the bully in the mouth. After dropping a loss to the Jets they have allowed only a total of 10 points in their last two games. As any hack can tell you it’s going to be very important for the Steelers to move the chains and keep the Pats offense off the field. The Patriots are terrible in the redzone so if the Steelers can get to the 20 this can be a game. The Steelers can’t give this game away on turnovers because the Patriots will be more than happy to capitalize on that.

TINO: Steelers
Everyone’s talking now… two close calls in the last two weeks (and last week was VERY close) so now everyone thinks the Steelers are going to get it done. If this game was in Pittsburgh, I might have to agree. But it isn’t and there is no way NE loses at home. Brady never seems to get rattled and Randy can still go get that ball no matter where it is. NE will show all the naysayers that they are the best damn team in recent memory and are going to walk all over everyone from here on out. Maroney is my pick to click and I see him having a nice game.

Kelloggs23: New England Patriots

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Fans in Baltimore hate the Steelers…they hate the Browns…but I don’t think there is a team they hate more than the Colts. The Colts upped and left in Mayflower trucks in the middle of the night, leaving them without warning or a team. This week the Colts go into Baltimore The Colts have won four in a row in the series, including a low scoring affair in the playoffs last year. Manning and the offense still leave a shadow on the fact that the Colts have the #2 Defense in the league. I’m going to go back to an old formula that I have used in previous weeks on this one. Offense+Defense=Win….No Offense+Defense=loss.

TINO: Colts
I really don’t know what to say about this game. I don’t think Baltimore has a chance, but then again who thought they’d do what they did last week either. They played nearly a perfect Baltimore style of game until Boller threw the pick late and then all hell broke loose. Their gameplan is to keep the ball in their hands and not give anything to the other team. I think that will be harder to do this week than most people think as Bob Sanders will be lurking. Peyton isn’t going to give them any gifts (and if Marvin comes back this week like I thought he was gonna for the last 3, it won’t even be close) . Indy is a team that I think many people overlook and will surprise people come playoff time.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts


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2 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash Week Fourteen”

  1. LeBlanc Says:

    Pats in a rout…book it.

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