Heisman Finalists Announced

No Nobody from FSU made it but DAMN, look at that!

The Heisman Trophy Finalists were announced today.  This reminds me, the first Heisman Trophy resides at Senior High School here in Dubuque (one of two of them, the other is at the University of Chicago…Jay Berwanger attended both and gave them to his schools).  I think I’m going to hang out in the parking lot and put a 12 pack and a pack of smokes bounty on it for a kid to swipe it for me.  Wouldn’t that be cool to have?

So anyway, the finalists…

I’ll chime in later in the week with some thoughts.  In the meantime if you want to get in on our voting for this which I will add the results later in the week, CLICK HERE.

Missouri QB Chase Daniel

Arkansas RB Darren McFadden

Florida QB Tim Tebow

Hawaii QB Colt Brennan


2 Responses to “Heisman Finalists Announced”

  1. joe Says:

    Colt Brennan – 131 touchdown passes, 23 NCAA records, only undefeated team in America. Who else can say that? How can Colt Brennan not win the Heisman? If you are skeptical, I challenge you to watch last week’s Hawaii Vs Washington. Colt is incredible. You might become a believer.

  2. Tino Says:

    I don’t think he gets enough credit either. Like the team doesn’t get respected many say “Who has he played?” which isn’t his fault. All he can do is be the best college player he can be in the games he plays.

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