Send Sean Taylor to Pro Bowl/Retire#21

I was just stumbling around one of our affiliate forums, Cowboys Pride, and came across THIS THREAD. In the thread they are discussing a movement for fans to vote for Sean Taylor to send him to the Pro Bowl and get the Skins to retire his number.

Bucs99 NLS Mod:Something I seen at a forum that I post on, they are voting like crazy to try and “send” Sean to the Pro Bowl. It may sound lame to some but it is a way to show that he was a well respected player in the NFL. I have voted countless times for him already, besides it wont take away from the next guy, they will just go in his place. Believe it or not I’m truly sorry this happened to him. Below are links to the Pro Bowl ballot. Please take a few minutes and vote

Why not? TINO Sports Page can back this. There isn’t much more I can say for reasoning that isn’t said above.

There is an online petition for the Skins to retire Taylor’s #21, FOUND HERE.

To: Washington Redskins Organization We ask that the Washington Redskins please hold a ceremony sometime this season or next season to retire the #21 in memory of the late Sean Taylor. Sean was only in his forth year but was already garnered as one of the top safeties in all of football. God only knows the numbers he could have put up if his career wasn’t cut so short. Numbers aside though, Sean was truly a remarkable individual who loved the game and fans with a passion that will never be matched. Seeing someone else in the #21 would just be a great injustice to the Redskins family.


The Undersigned

CAN YOU DIGG IT?!? It will help get the word out!——>


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    Tino, I just wanted to stop by and mention your site is excellent! Good reads all the way around my friend.

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