NFL Footballderdash Week Thirteen

Just like everyone overeats on Thanksgiving we had a little excess as well. We went five game last week, you would think that would have helped Kelly gain some ground. Games like this are always more fun when your winning. So the kid trails by four with 15 games left for the regular season. I’m going to throw him a couple bones this week I think.


TINO:4-1 (24-14 overall)

Kelloggs23: 3-2 (20-18 overall)

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Last time these two teams played I took the Jags. In the preseason I picked them to split with the Colts. David Garrard is yet to throw an INT but also has not played the whole season. His first (and maybe more) could very well come this week. MJD and Fred Taylor will be the focus of the game plan on both sides of the ball when the Jags have the rock. Look for it to be the Joe Addai show on offense for the Colts, this guy is not missing a beat. We are getting to the time in the season when the Colts need to make a statement and there wouldn’t be a better time than against the division rival that trails them by a game. With that said, I have to stick to my split.

TINO: Jaguars

The Jaguars have Garrard back and are looking good, but I just can’t go against Peyton at home. With the piped in sound on defense and him confusing the heck out of the other team on offense, they are one of the toughest teams to play at home. I like how their offense has still been clicking even without Marvin and I think their D is one of the most underrated in the league. Overall, I think people don’t respect Indy like they should so I’m going to toss them some props.

Kelloggs23: Indianapolis Colts

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The fight for the #1 pick? A couple wins for the Fins and the Jets could be the ones holding that honor. Both of these teams have shocked many the last few weeks with good showings against the Steelers. Advantage Jets for turning one into a W. With the Dolphins running game down this game is even more in the hands of John Beck. Scary, huh? Too bad the kid doesn’t have anyone to throw to. The Jets got a boost…finally in the running game against the Steelers with Thomas Jones getting over 100 yards in the win. Unfortunately they had the Cowboys on Turkey Day. These two poor teams may make each other look good in what should be a close game. It’s a flip and I’m going to go against Kelloggs23 to make it interesting.

TINO: Dolphins

Saddest game of the year, but it’s so sad that it’s close. I think the Jets are reading my posts on here because they have gone with Clemons lately and it is helping them. The Dolphins looked decent on Monday night, but I don’t think a monsoon is scheduled to hit Miami anytime soon. Leon Washington is going to have a nice day spelling TJones and Clemons will be sufficient.

Pick: New York Jets @
The Bucs have been on top of the NFC South all year. The Defense is playing more like the old Bucs D and the offense had some gas behind Jeff Garcia and Earnest Graham. The Saints are back to their old ways again, winning here, dropping a couple there. The playoffs start now for the Saints in this must win. Only in the 2007 NFC can a team perform like the Saints and still be in the playoff hunt, and division race. I will go this week with the Homer Pick…

TINO: Saints

This is a huge game for the Saints. If they win they are still in the hunt for the division crown, if they lose they are all but out. With that said, Drew Brees will bring his A game and show TB what it’s all about. TB will shut down NO’s run game and force them to pass. I see Reggie doing well in the passing game, but the X factor will be Aaron Stecker. Don’t ask me why, but he will be.

Kelloggs23: New Orleans Saints

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