NFL Jabber 11/30/07


So, the thing did show parts of the Packers/Cowboys game in a live stream. A majority of the show was commentary from the studio with live “check in” every now and then. They did tend to go to the game when a team hit the redzone and replayed big plays (most involving T.O.). Wasn’t to me what was advertised but still better than the nothing on my T.V. The Packers record was not the only one changed Thursday night. Tony Romo broke the Cowboys single season TD record with #30. Terrell Owens tied the TD catch record with 13. Romo also tied a 16 game streak with TD’s. Chances are these will be built upon as we move forward with the season.

Romo is like the new Brady. I just can’t find anything not to like about the kid. He seems like Tom Brady a bit back when Tom Brady looked like he was having fun with the game. Maybe he is the new Favre. At the least he is the new QB that is not an Asshole with a big ego.

“When I got out to the field, (I realized) it was pretty neat, the atmosphere,” Romo said. “I looked around and was like, `This is why you want to play sports.’ You want to play in games like this. Your competitive juices get flowing and you want to prove what kind of player you are.” If it’s any consolation, Aaron Rodgers looked pretty good when Brett Favre went out with an injury. It had to kill the Iron Man watching from the sidelines. Brett nailed his elbow on the helmet of a defender while throwing. You can catch a 50+ second clip of it on after sitting through a 20+ second Army commercial HERE.

How’s Brett doing? He’ll be just fine…

“I had a similar injury last year,” Favre said. “I lost feeling in my fingers and I still have some tingling. But I think I’ll be fine.” It’s tough to come up with a story when you have a two win team your dealing with. STLtoday has a nail biter about Broke Berlin suddenly…surprisingly…being thrust into the backup role for the Rams this weekend. Travis Henry is ready to come back to work. No, really, he is…

“I feel good enough to play,” said Henry, who partially tore the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. “If they need me to (carry it 20 times), I’ll man up and do it. My knee feels real good.” Contra Costra Times are trying to make a story out of nothing with the headlines that this could be the weekend JaMarcus Russell plays since Dante Culpepper and that McCown kid are hurting. Just how concrete is their hunch?

Today figures to be the day things crystallize in terms of how the quarterback situation unfolds Sunday. Until then, it’s conceivable Russell could be the starter, the backup or the No. 3.

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