You Could watch Packers/Cowboys

tspbabe_cowboys1.jpgI got an email yesterday titled, “Watch Packers-Cowboys on via!”

My first response made me jump to opening the email. This is awesome! is really getting cool now! NOT! It was an ad for NFL/Sprint. Turns out if I had a Sprint phone I could watch the game.

This made me think…The NFL Network could really capatilize on this Packers/Cowboys game if tey streamed it live. Plaster the page with all kinds of “I want my NFL Network” links. After this game I don’t believe you are going to hear too many people screaming for it looking at the games they have lined up (I will still bitch though). Maybe week 17 when the Patriots face the Giants in what could be the game that the Pats end the season 16-0.

If the NFL Network was REALLY concerned about how many NFL fans are not getting to see the games because of the cable companies, they could throw us a bone and stream the game live on their site. Yahoo! is doing it with MMA now. The downfall with that is us NFL Network deprived are supposed to get really upset because we don’t get it and contact the FCC or buy a dish…so that won’t happen.

I believe they may still be showing some highlights and whatnot at but I don’ think it is streamed.
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One Response to “You Could watch Packers/Cowboys”

  1. Tino Says:

    I’ll be damned. take the link. They are streaming it live!

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