Monday AM Hangover/ Week 12

How bad is the NFC? Being one game over .500 has you in the playoffs. The 0-4 starting Saints are still in it folks as they trail just the Eagles and Lions for the #6 seed. They smacked the hell out of their division rival Panthers. Week 13 is going to be a major week as far as shaping the playoff hunt in the NFC as six teams sit at 5-6, a game behind those Lions.

The Bears Adrian Peterson is going to be getting the rock now that Cedric Benson is out for the season. I said before the season started that Peterson would be a fantasy sleeper stud if anything happened to Benson….we will see.

Picture this…Adrian Peterson+the Vikings D+QB play. If they ever get all three of those together they could be dangerous. They were yesterday with Chester Taylor filling in the Peterson part of the equation.

Yes, 12 weeks into the season the Jaguars are only a game back from the Colts! They actually have one more win in the division.

Packers and Cowboys, 10-1! I will be among those that cannot view it. Suppose I’ll drop this link for you…I want My NFL Network. Another first for Brett? He is going for his first win in Texas Stadium.

If you have not checked out the new that they jam down your throat during the games you should. Check out the video section. Player highlights and “Can’t miss plays” are the best the day after. During the week you get game recaps and then previews of the following week.


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4 Responses to “Monday AM Hangover/ Week 12”

  1. Bill Says:

    I have a sit/start question for you. I have a big decision to make on my RB2 position. I am starting LT and need to choose between Ryan Grant, Kolby Smith, of Thomas Jones. Grant has a tough matchup against the ‘boys but he did very well against the Vikings a few weeks ago. Kolby Smith looked great, albeit against Oakland and the Bolt’s D isn’t that menacing against the run lately. Thomas Jones can suck a big one for all I care yet he goes up against the fins….I’m lost! I need a big game to have a shot at the bye week!!!

  2. Tino Says:

    Sorry Bill, I didn’t get your post up this week. I’m straying a little into doing some things at our site and got off track.

    I traded for Thomas Jones when Ronnie Brown got hurt…hasn’t done jack for me. I’m still stuck with starting him in that league without much choice.

    I think you have a toss up with Smith and Grant. We know that Grant has been effective and I think we know more about him than Smith at this point. You could be looking at a shoot out though in the Dallas/ Green Bay game. Go with your gut on this one. I would have to go the safer route with knowing more about Grant.

  3. Bill Says:

    i think i am going with smith on sunday. what do you think about defense? Jacksonville or the Redskins. I am leaning toward the Redskins. Although part of me feels bad for saying this, but I think Washington will be emotionally charged going into this game and will play very well. That’s my hope anyway. Thoughts?

  4. Tino Says:

    Don’t feel bad about that at all! I was thinking the same thing last night after hearing what Taylor’s Dad said to the team. They are going to be super charged! On top of that the Bills are terrible on offense.

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