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Cowboys Pride was one of the first affiliates for There is NO Offseason and TINO Sports Page. Reg joins us from a hospital bed. (Sidenote, Reg had to have someone else get me the MySpace links because it’s not allowed on their IP…now that is a sterile environment!)

TINO: Thanks for everything you have done for us.

Reg: You’re most welcome and just as many thanks in return. Our affiliate relationship with TINO has been great and really epitomizes a mutually-beneficial working relationship.

Tell us a little about Cowboys Pride and what you have to offer. How long have you been on the internets? What makes you stand out from other fan sites?

Reg: CP was founded in March of this year. Our growth, maturity, & credibility factor has been nothing short of phenomenal. CP is the brain-child of Deb (owner/admin), Maduin (admin), and I (co-owner/admin). Our uniqueness among other fan sites is based on several factors: 1) A heavy focus on the Cowboys but offering info, experiences, & sincere hospitality to all fans, 2) Our members rule! Everything we do is for our members, 3) an incredible staff, comprising talented but humble dedicated contributors…including an in-house cadre of writers who rival any set on the net for quality & interesting articulation, 4) We attract the greatest members anywhere. They’re fun, cooperative, and crazy about their Cowboys (and other sports teams), and 5) we’re led by THE most dynamic, energetic, people-oriented, out-of-the-box strategist/implementer on the net…DEB!

Who does your banner work? I love how it changes depending on the opponent every week.

Reg: Isn’t that great? That is Deb’s brain-child and is 100% creatively implemented each week by our stellar GFX Admin…OTERO1. He “simply” busts his behind and creates a new banner each week…an example of how hard the staff works on the details to bring our members a unique experience.

Let’s talk Cowboys! What do you see happening with the rest of the season if the Cowboys beat Green Bay? And if they lose?

Reg: I project that win or lose against Green Bay, the Cowboys will be in the Super Bowl. Beating Green Bay COULD ensure home-field advantage throughout the playoffs…which would be great with a bye plus no risk of having to play in cold-arse Green Bay in January. But either way, the road to the NFC Championship WILL run through Dallas.

Are you going to have access to the NFL Network for the game?

Reg: I’ll be discharged from the hospital this afternoon. But either way, I won’t have NFL Network. The greed -ass NFL has really screwed the pooch on this one.

I recently had a post go up about how there was a push for the Bears to draft Tony Romo in 2003. Let’s play the what if game. Where would the Dallas QB situation…and the Cowboys be had this happened?

Reg: The Cowboys would now be about 5-6 and worried about Green Bay…and looking to draft a QB in 2008.

What’s your favorite Dallas Cowboys moment for you personally?

Reg: When Landry won his first Super Bowl.

Link drop. Let’s have’em. MySpace and whatever else, all things CP on the net.



Everyone add those at MySpace!…Come to think of it, I think I only have one of them added. Thanks, and thanks again for everything you do for us!

Reg: Again…It’s a mutually-beneficial relationship. TINO is a great, growing sports site and so is CP…and this partnership is a part of that mutual success!


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