BCS can bite themselves

If everything plays out right the BCS can bite themselves. If Hawaii can manage to beat Washington next weekend and Kansas gets past Missouri and wins the Big 12, there will be two teams left unbeaten. Wouldn’t that be tasty?

An argument against a playoff and for the BCS is that the whole season is a playoff. Now if both of these teams make it unbeaten and one is left out (Hawaii) it wouldn’t be the first time but it sure wouldn’t look right. Ok, your going to start with the “Who have they beaten?”-that is besides the point. I’m talking about their argument that the whole season is a playoff. If they keep leaving unbeaten teams out they should be able to use that argument. If you make the “Who have they beaten” argument Ohio State should not really be sitting where they are. Youngstown State, Akron, and Kent State are not real tough opponents and the Big Ten sucked BIG TIME this year.

LSU falling to Arkansas was a kick in the ass. Depending on the way the ball rolled the BCS had to hope for LSU vs. Ohio State. OSU still has a very good chance to land in the title game with some help. Chances are they will even make it in over Hawaii if Hawaii goes unbeaten. That really grinds my gears.

The Ohio Stateless National Championship game would likely hold winner of Kansas/Missouri (if they go on to win Big 12) vs. West Virginia ( if they beat UCONN and they go on to win the Big East).

Who would have thought a Missouri/Kansas game would be so important?

So with Hawaii winning and LSU losing yesterday it leaves us with a treat today for College Football.

Games to watch (that you can bet Ohio State are watching):

UCONN @ West Virgina 3:30pm ET

Missouri @ Kansas 7pm ET

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3 Responses to “BCS can bite themselves”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    I totally agree with you on this. Missouri beat Kansas so Hawai’i is the only team in major college football that is undefeated and still might get left out of the equation. I hear the BS about who has Hawaii beat, but no one will play them on the islands Michigan State payed 250K to get out of the deal. This year of college football shows that the BCS is a joke and a playoff is needed. You get benefited for losing early even though an early loss and late loss could be against comparable teams. This year with zero teams unbeaten from the 6 auto qualifiers puts the NC game up for huge debate and a team like Ohio State who has been done for a week could move up and play for the NC without really earning in it. GIVE ME PLAYOFFS DAMN IT

  2. Tino Says:

    Can’t wait for the rankings to come out this week.

  3. gulfcoastpolo Says:

    looks like Hawaii is in the coveted top 12 and if they beat Washington they are in for sure. A side note look out for BYU who is ranked 19th in the BCS with a game left where they should win next week and teams above them all playing and have chances to lose. If Hawaii loses and BYU somehow gets to 16th which is a possibility they could sneak into the BCS with 2 loses from a non auto qualifying conference.

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