Pimp Post:TSZ

On this day of thanks I want to give some air time to Geez from the-sportszone.net

TSZ is an affiliate of ours and I’m going to do my share of the mutual pimping by doing a little Q&A and just why it ain’t easy being Geezy.

TINO: First thing, throw out what TSZ is and what you have to offer and what kind of Sports fan should consider TSZ. Don’t give me any canned politically correct answer either!

Geez: TSZ (www.the-sportszone.net) is a sports forum that any sports fan can be a member of! We offer discussion on many different sports including fantasy sports/MMA/ and much more. There area lot of fun people there, and a few controversial ones

And pervs… we have alot of pervs there.

TINO: From my understanding there has been a few different versions of the site and owners. How did you come to be the man now?

Geez: Well you would be correct. I was a mod under the previous admin, and him along with the rest of the staff took off and created their own site, and I had the choice of coming with them, or staying around and keeping TSZ alive

TINO:Straight up, what makes TSZ stand out from Joe Everyboard?

Geez: It’s all about the members, we are there to serve them, not the other way around.

TINO: I have to say that is a major improvement since you have taken over.

TINO: It’s tough putting together a site that covers so many sports, is there any sports favored more than others?

Geez: We have experienced a jump in activity in the NFL forum, but it really depends on what is hot at the time! And of course, right now, the NFL is on fire!

TINO: I have taken on the burden of keeping your ass pleased with the MMA forum. I have been slacking, I know. What would you like to see done with that? Give me some damn direction! I tease, I tease, I told you I would run with it, I know. (Slipping this in so I can drop the MMA tag for people to find it).

Geez: MMA MMA MMA MMA MMA. There you go. Like you have told me, people who are really into MMA go to MMA sites, but maybe one of these days we can hook up with one!

TINO: Open invitation for people to inquire about a link exchange? I had problems getting affiliated until you came on board but I have to tell you I’m the best damn thing that could happen to you. Why should a site affiliate with TSZ?

Geez: Well, you just didn’t have anything to offer (TINO: Inside joke here).

I am up for a link exchange anytime, but an affiliate ship means so much more!

A site should affiliate with us because we fill the needs of almost every sports fan out there! There aren’t as many sport forums as there are forums for fans of specific teams, and almost any site can mutually benefit with us by becoming affiliated.

TINO: Any regular games or contests for us people that neglect our family so we can spend time online?

Geez: We are having our first ever TSZ Smack Off where we will compete to see who will be crowned the best smack talker on the site!

There is also a TSZ Games forum where you can play some of the games with other members, or you can stop by our TSZ Casino where we have slots, blackjack, even a Texas Holdem room.

oooooooooooor you can visit the TSZ Arcade with over 1000 games to play!

TINO: You have women on board. How do you not run them off? I have a hell of a time with that.

Geez: My sweet avatars lol.

I dunno, I never really thought about that! I guess I just show them the same respect sports wise as any guy, and I expect the same from all of our members. We are lucky they can take a joke or two, or this question might have been worded differently LOL.

TINO: A little about you personally. What are your favorite teams, sports, Debit Card PIN?

Geez: 36-24-36

I was born and raised in So Cal, so that has had a heavy influence on my teams. The Dodgers, Lakers, Raiders are my top teams, and I would say the NFL is my favorite sport.

TINO: Thanks Man! I told you we could pimp each other. I have to say that the way your pimping me is more painful and a little more demeaning to my self worth but we won’t go into that. Mom, if your reading this I’m so sorry.

Geez: Thanks for everything! I am proud of our affiliate ship and am confident it will make both of our sites better for the members!

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4 Responses to “Pimp Post:TSZ”

  1. The Franchise Says:

    Excellent Stuff Gentlemen

  2. geez Says:

    Awesome dude. it was fun getting those answers to you lightning quick as usual 🙂

  3. not spent Says:

    hah! sounds like a good mix to me!

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