NFL Footballderdash/Week 12

Yes, I have broke the 20 win mark for the season. If I could hear Kellogg23’s voice through the words he types I’m sure it would be quivering a bit. There is a bit of separation going on here. This week we are doing all of the Thanksgiving Day games and then throwing in a couple for Sunday as well. Maybe with five games going the kid can get back in the hunt here!

Yesterday I posted a preview for Thanksgiving Day with some history and all that cool stuff. CLICK HERE if you want to check that out.


TINO:3-0 (20-13 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (17-16 overall)

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Who would have thought that this game would have so much meaning when the schedule came out this year? The Packers have a pretty good grasp on the division right now at 9-1. The Lions are in Wild Card mode and need every win they can get. I always pull for the Lions on Thanksgiving. This season though I’m pulling for Favre as it MAY be his last…or not. I would also like to see both teams 10-1 when the Pack face the Cowboys next week.

TINO: Packers

This one is a toughie. Green Bay has been hot as of late, but Detroit hasn’t been too shabby either. If this game was in Green Bay, well then it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving would it? Instead of picking this game, I think we should try to figure out the over/under on how many Barry Sanders on Thanksgiving highlights they show during the game. I’ll put it at 3 and take the over. I’m going with the Lions only because they are at Ford Field and I think they will come to play.

Kelloggs23: Detroit Lions

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I’m happy for the Jets fans that they got to notch a win against the Steelers last week. I wouldn’t look too far into it though. It is possible that the Cowboys could look past the Jets to next weeks game against the Packers but that won’t happen. They have the nation watching and want to make people forget about how they were handled by the Patriots. Cowboys take a 10-1 record into the game against The Pack.

TINO: Cowboys

Instead of talking about the game that isn’t really a game, I’ll delve into the QB controversy that is a brewing up in Jets country. The fans want Clemons, but the coaching staff can’t seem to part with Pennington. Chad was good back in the day, but all those surgeries have sure done a # on his arm and he just doesn’t have the strength to go along with the speedy WRs that they have. I think they need to go with Clemons for the rest of the year, see what he does and then evaluate if he is their guy or if they have to target someone in the draft. Just be done with Chad, let him go somewhere else (MN, CHI, SF) and try to prove himself.

Kelloggs23: Dallas Cowboys

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If the NFL Network has to rob us of a game, at least it’s this one. I won’t bitch much about that, you can check out yesterday’s post for my whining. Shouldn’t even be a game here. The Colts need a convincing win after a loss to the Pats and a close game in KC last week. I look for the Colts to remind people they are supposed to be one of the top teams.

TINO: Colts

Boy this would have been a fun one if that one guy didn’t get in all that trouble. Yes, I am talking about Pete Rose. Peyton will hopefully have Marvin back this week, but regardless the team seems to have quit on Bobby Petrino (or they really want Brian Brohm as their QB next year) and there is no way that DHall shuts down any of the Indy WRs. The Hotlanta D is really showing their age in the rushing department as well and I see Addai going wild. That said, Roddy White has turned into a nice surprise for them this year and is showing that they have at least 1 quality WR, which helps because they have spent a load of 1st rounders on that position.

Kelloggs23: Indianapolis Colts @
This is what I get for letting Kelly pick the games outside of the Thanksgiving Day games.
One thing that we didn’t expect to see at this point is that both of these teams are in the playoff hunt. If the season ended today the Browns would be sitting in the last Wild Card spot and the Texans are only a game back. I believe that the Browns have been more convincing. The Texans are getting more healthy and it didn’t take long for Andre Johnson to get back on the horse after missing so many weeks. I’m feeling the Browns but just for pitty sake in giving Kelly a chance to get back in this thing I will take…

TINO: Texans

Who would have thought that both of these teams would be .500 or higher, much less challenging for a playoff spot. Both have had nice surprises at QB this year as I don’t think that Houston would have thought that Schaub would pick up the offense this quickly and put the scrubs (all but Andre Johnson) that they have in the receiving core to this much use. That said, Derek Anderson seems to be doing his best Drew Brees impression. Waiting until they use a 1st rounder on the QB of the future and he is in his restricted FA year to put up career #’s and make them think twice about just letting him walk after the year and handing the ball over to Quinn. I sense a shootout in this one with Braylon & Andre going back and forth. Eventually the power running of Jamal Lewis will give the W to the Browns at home.

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Both of these teams really need this game. The Ravens have a slim chance of even making the playoffs this season. They trail the Browns by two games for 2nd in the AFC North and the last playoff spot if it were to end today. They have no chance of catching the Steelers in my book. Kyle Boller gets the start again. They will not be playing the Browns D however this week. Prior to putting up 30 last week against the Browns they only have posted 7 pts. per game since their week 8 bye. The Chargers need this game to keep up with the Broncos in the AFC West. If they can’t keep up they need it to chase a Wild Card.

TINO: Chargers

Weren’t these 2 supposed to be challenging for the best records and a 1st round bye in the upcoming playoffs? Instead they are fighting to hold their heads above water and this week’s loser could be all but out of the playoff race. One team had a stifling D with just enough O and the other with a great O and a good D coming into the year. So far it has almost been the opposite story. SD defense has been outplaying themselves lately and the Boller-led Ravens offense seems to have had a resurgence in recent weeks. It’s hard to go against LT and the Bolts D, but the way Rivers has been struggling lately I see him giving this one away to the ball-hawking Baltimore defense and Boller doing his best AirMcNair (in his prime) impression and airing the ball out when needed, but keeping it away from the LT led San Diego offense and leading his team to a victory that could slingshot them into the playoffs.

Kelloggs23: Baltimore Ravens
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3 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash/Week 12”

  1. kelloggs23 Says:

    Good thing we went to 5 games this week because 2 of the Thanksgiving matchups aren’t much of a game.

    And who says Cleveland/Houston is a bad one?

  2. Tino Says:

    It wasn’t as bad as first impression. After I thought about it I knew it was not “Your Momma’s Texans and Browns.”

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