Football Feast Thursday!

Thanksgiving and football. Up until just a few years ago family and friends got together for the annual Bloated Bowl. After pounding as much bird flesh, mashed potatoes and gravy and beer into us as possible we would take the block long walk to the park. Spectacular pigskin play ensued. My wife earned the nickname “The Wall” a few years ago after my sissy of a cousin ran into her as she stood still and then he lay on the ground crying holding his knee.

Now the bloated bowl seems to be retired. The kids got older and faster and we got older and slower. People moved away, blah, blah, blah. I miss it but after a flag football game where the adults took on the kids at the alternative school I work at last week, I realize I really am getting too old for this shit. Don’t get me wrong, we kicked their ass. I had the play of the day still getting talked about this week, going up for the ball and getting flattened by a kid that has about 40 lbs on me. I jumped up off the ground and spiked the ball in his face. I masked how hurt I was and my stuff down below got pinched and didn’t get better until a few plays later. Worse part about it was that I got jacked up by a kid in orange Rex Grossman jersey.

But I digress…Thanksgiving and football. Now it consists of the same prep. Lots of food and beer. Now there is more laying around watching the games on TV and checking my fantasy scores. I have a huge fantasy game this weekend against a IDP Division rival. Winner will likely take the division with one week to play after that before the playoffs. @

So let’s talk about some games! One game we will not talk about outside this paragraph is the Colts and Falcons. There are a few reasons for this. One, the NFL Network is robbing me of viewing this game and I hate the bastards for it! 2, it’s the friggen Colts and Falcons, does that really count as a game? Why do I bitch than you ask? I bitch because eventually the NFL is gong to get the guessing game right when making the schedule and they will rob those with out the NFLN of what they hope is the game of the year. I’m just going to guess here but I’m thinking they thought this was going to be Manning vs. Vick, not Manning versus Joeyron Harringtonwich. How long before they tamper with tradition and take away the Lions or Cowboys game? A big middle finger to you NFL, I’m watching NCAA football Thursday Night!

Let’s move on to what should be practice games for the Cowboys and Packers who will meet week 13 (by the way if you don’t have NFL Network, your screwed on that one), some Thanksgiving history, and some college football. And you know I have to throw a cheerleader in, I can’t leave you hanging with the bird above. @ The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I tend to pull for the Lions on Thanksgiving. I don’t believe I am this season for a few reasons. First, Although I won’t be able to watch the NFLN hording game, I would like to see a 10-1 Packers team play a 10-1 Cowboys team in week 13. And reason B, a Packer win would help my Saints in their slim shot at a Wild Card. Third, I have been secretly pulling for Brett Favre to return to another Super Bowl and then retire on top ala John Elway. Those last two reasons are not likely to pan out but I can hope, I’m a fricken Saints fan for Christs sakes!

Going into this weeks game the Lions have lost three Turkey Days in a row. Ironically, their last Thanksgiving day win was against the Packers in 2003.

These two teams actually have a pretty deep tradition on Turkey Day. Lions and Packers played 13 years in a row from 1951-1963. In that span the Lions went 8-3-1. In the all time series on Thanksgiving vs. the Packers the Lions are 11-5-1.

There are all kinds of Lions related Turkey Day facts HERE.

If your interested in some nostalgia you can check out some NFL Films video (they are only a few minutes long).

NFL Thanksgiving Day Traditions
NFL Films profiles the unique events and history pro football shares with Thanksgiving Day
Real: 56k | 300k

1962 Lions vs. Packers
On Thanksgiving Day in 1962, the Detroit Lions defeated head coach Vince Lombardi and his undefeated Green Bay Packers in one of the greatest games in NFL history.
Real: 56k | 300k @

Cowboys on Thanksgiving. 21-14-1 when the bird is on the table. I remember one year it friggen snowed. I was pretty hung over sitting at my sisters house, I remember that much. Here is a little nostalgia for that game…

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy some Dallas Cowboys history. In fact, it also was on Thanksgiving Day in 1993 when Leon Lett was responsible for probably the single dumbest play in NFL history. After Dallas, leading 14-13, blocked the Dolphins’ 41-yard field goal attempt in the game’s final minute, Lett needlessly tried to pick up the ball and slipped in the snow and fumbled it away. Miami recovered the ball at Dallas’ 1-yard line and kicked a field goal to win 16-14. (All of this coming the season after Don Beebe — whatever happened to that guy? — chased down Lett in the Super Bowl and knocked the ball out of his hands before he could cross the goal line and snatch away from San Francisco the single-game scoring record.)

Thought the TO show was on fire this week? Wait until Thursday! He may not pull in four TD’s again but you know he will be up for it. What about that Romo guy? His coming out party last season was the Turkey Day game against the Bucs. 306 yards and five TD’s. This was in the days when five TD’s by someone not named Manning was a lot.

I’m happy for the Jets fans that are still pumped up by the win over the Steelers last week. Too bad their holiday has to be ruined.

#11 @ #6

Who would have thought this game would have so much baring on the Pac-10 when looking at the schedule before this season? If you say you knew AZ State would be controlling their own trip to the Rose Bowl your lying or your an AZ fan that didn’t know any better.

ASU quarterback Rudy Carpenter said he grew up watching football on Thanksgiving, and he always dreamed of playing on the holiday. Facing the fabled Trojans adds luster.

“Fortunately for us, we’re going to get a chance to be the national game on TV that day and play in front of pretty much the world, really, or the United States, actually,” he said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we look forward to it.”

I will be watching this game as an NFL game that we are not mentioning anymore will not be viewable to those without the NFL Network…bastards, I just can’t let it go.

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