NFL Footballderdash/ Week Eleven

In our previous episode both Kelloggs23 and I dropped more games than we gained.  Did I learn my lesson for having too much faith in the Giants?  Not likely.  I had also put too much stock in KC’s defense and found myslef on the wrong side of an inconsistent Bronco’s team.

So let’s have a look at week 11.  I still hold a game on my nemesis but this week we differ in two games and it can swing the other way (like my nemesis).


TINO:1-2 (17-13 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (16-14 overall)

The Giants and Lions both come in at 6-3 and can’t afford a loss trailing in their divisions. The trouble for the Lions is they are playing against the Giants and themselves. Their going to have to get that running game into the positive numbers this week to have any hope. This is the biggest game up to this point for them and a win would be huge going into the Thanksgiving game with the Packers. After a slow start the Giants defense is looking mean and could be all over Jon Kitna. They have to be pissed after giving the game away on penalties last week against the Cowboys. The Giants win this game with balance on offense and the better defense.

TINO: Giants
I was singing Eli’s praises last week, but I am switching boats this week. Eli is trash. The Lions have soooo much offense, pretty much from when they sucked every year and had Top 10 picks. Their defense is playing like they should and keeping them in games which is all that they need. The Giants meanwhile haven’t been able to play a complete game in a few weeks and I don’t see it happening in Motown this week.

Kelloggs23: Detroit Lions

The Chargers are winning their division, finally. Problem? It’s at 5-4 and it’s the AFC West. Don’t let that record trick you into thinking that the division is so good that they are knocking each other off. The Chargers have been a disappointment this year and I can’t believe that you don’t hear them calling for Norv Turner’s head right now. The defense is still there but the passing game is not. What kind of world are we living in when LT only has 733 yeards going into Week 11? I had big expectations for the Jags this season. They have played through David Garrard’s injury and he returns this week. They went 2-1 the last three weeks on the road and now they get to return home. The D stumbled against a Saints team that looked like they were out of the Way Back Machine to 2006. They got back on track agianst the Titans Run game last week. I’m taking the Jags in this one as they continue their run to a Wild Card.

TINO: Jaguars
Garrard is back. MJD is playing better. They are still Jacksonville’s D. It won’t be enough because San Diego is good and are looking for some big wins so they can keep pace in the weak AFC West. LT won’t have a great game, it will be Nate Kaeding, the stud out of Iowa (props to you TINO). The SD defense will give their offense great field position all game long and as long as Rivers doesn’t give the game away like he has been doing lately, they get the easy W in this one.

Kelloggs23: San Diego Chargers

It’s the Tony Romo show. I’ll go out on a limb and say this guy is for real. I think one reason T.O. is being so quiet is even he knows Romo would be doing it without him. Well, maybe that is taking it a little far. A problem for the Redskins in this game is they just give up too many points. The Cowboys score a lot of points. Not a good mix for the Skins. The Redskins are chasing a Wild Card spot at this point and a loss leaves them at 5-5. Sad thing is that is still enough to stay in the chase in the NFC. This game is basically going to be a warmup for the Cowboys Thanksgiving game. I hope that the Skins make it look like a game but there is no way they come out of this game over .500 for the season.

TINO: Cowboys
Rivalry! Clinton Portis has been have a very nice year, very quietly. As has Jason Campbell. Hell, the Washington Redskins have been flying under the radar (btw, I have no clue how that is possible because a radar doesn’t have a spot where you can go under it, but anyway). It doesn’t matter though because Tony Romo is at home and the ‘boys don’t lose at home this year. Julius Jones is my pick to click this game, I know it probably won’t happen, but just in case it does I can say “I told you so”. Cowboys win this one big.

Kelloggs23: Dallas Cowboys

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