LIVE Strikeforce MMA Babble

So I get to Yahoo! Sports and can’t find this friggen fight. You would think there would have been links all over the place. Finally it showed up a few minutes after the scheduled start time.  Since I’m sitting at my computer watching this I thought I would jot some babble down.

  • An ugly looking flying knee by Jorge Santiago finished the first match a few seconds in. The intro to the show and fight didn’t last as long as it did for them to put Sean Salmon on the stretcher.  A whole new version of “knocked the fuck out!”
  • Niko Vitale vs. Trevor Prangley.  Prangley is the “South African Hammer.”  How are the hammers in South Africa different than the hammer as we know it?  Just curious and bored waiting for this next fight to start.  Some strikes and knees make this one more exciting until they appear to slow dance and are broke up to restart twice.  The round appeared like it was going to go Prangley’s way but Vitale had him looking like he was going to fall by the end of the round.  For a couple guys that are supposed to be able to wrestle there is no ground game happening as they are standing up throwing fists and knees.  Niko Vitale throws his mouth peice down after being stopped.  The fight goes to Prangley due to a cut on Vitale’s eye around 2:46 into the second round.
  • After the first two fights I have to say that Jorge Santiago has a HUGE advantage in the later fight since he expended as much energy as I did watching the fight.
  • Odd…they announce the decision.  It ended on a foul, so the ref gets to call the winner and he calls Prangley the winner.  He will face Santiago later tonight.

Watch the fights HERE.  I’m going to keep babbling in the comments below…


6 Responses to “LIVE Strikeforce MMA Babble”

  1. Tino Says:

    I have not seen anything of Bobby Southworth since he was on the Ultimate Fighter. The first round looked good. Early in the second round Anthony Ruiz connected with four big blows. The take a time out and the fight is called and given to Ruiz.

    I seen this fight called a title fight all over the net earlier but prior to the fight they said it was a non-title fight. What the hell is with that? Is Southworth Ric Flair? You always knew Flair would lose when it was a “Non-title” fight. I never understood a guy walking in to a fight a champion, getting his ass beat, and leaving champion…unless of course it’s Ric Flair and the world of scripted sport.

  2. Tino Says:

    Brian Schwartz making his MMA debut. A kickass kickboxer taking on the world of MMA. They crowd was the loudest yet upon his entry.

    Lemont Davis gets booed and looks like he is going to fall down already during the introductions.

    Davis took a couple solid kicks. Scored a takedown to save his life. Couldn’t do anything with it and they have to be stood up. Davis gets in close again before Schwartz can use his Stretch Armstrong like reach against him.

    Mid second round Davis has Schwartz cut. Oh…that isn’t right. I know it happens but Davis caught a wicked knee to the groin. Shakes it off and Davis does some dancing to mock Schwartz to end the round. Davis is much more confident than the Leon Spinks vs. Mike Tyson look at the start of the fight.

    Round three, a majority of the round was spent with Davis choking Schwartz. Schwartz got out in the last minute had a side guard and scored some blows. Davis got the reverse at the end. I think this fight has to go to Davis. He did an excellent job of making Schwartz fight an MMA fight rather than a kickboxing match.

    And…Lemont Davis! Unanimous decision. Well done Judges!

    World Heavyweight Title fight up next…

  3. Tino Says:

    Paul Buentello (23-9) vs. Alistair Overem (25-11-1) for the first ever Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship they say…

    B not playing the stare down game unless you count Overem’s shoes. Overem gets a quick takedown. Buentello finally get up after being owned on the ground only to catch several knees to the face. Back down, then up for more knees. The first round is all Overem. Buentello does not appear that he knows he came to a fight tonight.

    They come out swinging in the second round and stand for a bit before another sweet takedown by Overem. They are stood up after a bit and Overem gets another take down. As they stand back up Overem connects a couple knees and Buentello taps when he hits the ground. Maybe he wasn’t looking at Overem’s shoes during the staredown but trying to figure out what that thing (the ground) was he was standing on.

    Your first Strikeforce World Heavyweight Champion is Alistair Overem.

  4. Tino Says:

    Up next the finals of the Tournament, Jorge Santiago (flying knee KTFO 24 second win earlier) vs. Trevor Prangley (weird ass Ref decision majority draw).

    At least the two winners are fighting. What I used to hate about the old school format like this was when a winner couldn’t advance because he got hurt and an alternate would step in.

  5. Tino Says:

    Good back and forth to start. Prangley gets rocked by a right, then goes down from a leg kick but gets up before S can get on him.

    Santiago ends it with a knee and overhand right…what a quick two fight night of work for this guy!

  6. Tino Says:

    Sam Morgan vs. Cung Le

    Cung Le says in the pre-fight interview he would like to have Frank Shamrock next. Shamrock says “Maybe when he grows up” and that he hears Cung Le has said he is ducking him.

    Morgan is getting thrown and kicked around left and right. Cung Le appears he can end this anytime he wants as long as it’s standing. Well…he has no problem throwing Morgan down either. Somehow Morgan comes out of the first round alive.

    Cung Le has an excellent hip toss and is using it at will. I don’t know if Cung Le is waiting for a Mortal Kombat like “Finish HIM!” or what but Morgan comes out of round two alive as well.

    Finally, Morgan is put out of his misery after catching a kick 1:58 in the third…Cung Le celebrates with a back flip and goes to 5-0.

    Well, that was cool. I hope they continue to do this and I think it was a great move for both Yahoo! and Strikeforce. Just put up more damn links to where to find the fight!

    Frank Shamrock talks to Cung Le afterward…”The fans love you and they love me…” a little full of yourself Frank? Shamrock accepts his challenge in WWE fasion in the center of the ring. Pretty cheezy, could have done without that.

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