Beck and Ricky “hope” in Miami?

Is there really any reason for the Dolphins to take Ricky Williams back? I don’t know what the money situation is with them and don’t pretend to be trying to keep up with it. I’m just thinking that they obviously threw in the towel on the season with the Chambers trade. They are now turning over the team (in the pleasant atmosphere of Philly) to who they hope is their QB of the future and “He’ll never be Marino” guy, John Beck. Strange things going on down there. calls the John Beck move and Ricky talk, “clinging to hope.” I don’t know, I guess I’m still confused about wanting to win this year and the whole Chambers trade thing. Of course the players want to win now but there isn’t much they can do about the moves they are making up front. I bet there is a whole lot of hindsight going on for Joey Porter. Would he welcome Ricky?

”Yeah I would. We’re 0-9,” Porter said. “ I’d welcome bin Laden if he could run the ball like Ricky did.”

How about those guys that were there when Ricky was before?

”Gotta ask the coach all Ricky Williams questions,” said Jason Taylor, helpfully.

I was a huge Ricky Williams fan when he was in New Orleans. I think he could help the Dolphins, just don’t know if they really want help or know what help is.

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