NFL Jabber 11/14/07

Can’t we all just get along? The battle between the NFL Network and Cable companies continues. We are coming into the stretch where eight games will be aired on the NFL Network. November 29th there is an important game that many won’t see, The Packers vs. The Cowboys. I won’t see it. I know, I know…get a satellite, right? Can’t where I live and I can’t move for it.

Cable has the upperhand by not rolling over like the networks do…

“For once we’re in the position of an independent programmer as opposed to a content-seller,” Frank Hawkins, the league’s senior vice president for business affairs, said yesterday. And the resistance has surprised him. Currently, about 8 million of the NFL Network’s 35 million subscribers come from cable; nearly all the rest are from satellite.

On the one hand, I don’t want to pay more for the NFL Network in a sports package on cable, but I would if it was an option. So I will be watching USC vs. Arizona State on Thanksgiving. has a “Then and Now” on Hollywood Henderson. In his defense I guess, the Coke in Super Bowl XIII was a pain killer? Ok…

Super Bowl XIII. I am embarrassed I used cocaine in my nose. I did it before and during the game and at halftime. I had it in an inhaler and turned it into liquid form. I had such a headache and a deviated septum. It was not for performance.

  • Meanwhile, a Personal Trainer says he has ties to drug using Cowboys and Falcons. Koy Detmer gets $90,000 for practicing with the Vikings for three days. Good job if you can get it. The Dolphins continue their quest to be the first winless team since the 76′ Bucs. Speaking of teams that suck, Ray Ratto at plays with the idea of combining the Niners and Raiders into one united Bay area team.

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