Who in the HELL Do I start Week Eleven?

Chester Taylor should be the weekly waiver wire ho that everyone is after this week. Adrian Peterson is out at least a week, maybe three. If for some reason you had Taylor sitting on your bench…good for you. The upcoming schedule favors it.

Bye weeks are gone. We now come into the land of Thursday Night games that the NFL Network will be robbing of your viewing pleasure unless your one of those people that can have one of those satellite thingys. If you are and you have the NFL Network, I envy you.

Anyway…We are in prime playoff chase time for fantasy football! What do you have? Need some start/sit? Still able to trade? Let’s have them in the comment box.

Also keep an eye out for 1st and 10 Fantasy with our Dudley DoRight, TJford this week and for the rest of the season (hope he plans to keep that up since I’m committing him to you like that).

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10 Responses to “Who in the HELL Do I start Week Eleven?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Bowe and Crayton actually played well last week for me, which was a nice surprise considering i was forced to start both. Bowe plays Indy and Crayton is playing the skins. What do you think? I also have Hilliard as a third choice here but I like the other two better. Also, as an aside, tanks for all the great advice. My team has had a great season and I’m on my way to first place. Bring on the playoffs!

  2. tjford Says:

    Brodie Croyle will be starting for the Chiefs. Against a tough Indy pass D, I stay FAR away from any Chiefs receivers. This game has Indy blowout written all over it.

    You are correct in believing that Crayton is the better choice over Hilliard. The Skins D is touch but Dallas has never had problems scoring points. Start Crayton.

  3. Tino Says:

    Thanks Bill for stopping by every week! If I remember right you have Coles too?

  4. Bill Says:

    yes, my other two definite starters are coles and holt.

  5. Tino Says:

    I would go with TJFord on this one and go Crayton over Bowe this week.

    What would you guys have done in this situation? I was offered Larry Johnson and Steve Smith for Randy Moss and Marion Barber III in a dynasty league. A few months ago that would have looked like I was robbing him. Smith and Johnson have not lived up to their fantasy studness. I’m fighting for a playoff spot and this guy is 9-1 and a game from clinching #1 seed.

    I could not bring myself to give him Moss, I declined.

  6. tjford Says:

    I would not feel bad declining that trade. Although the prospects for Moss and Barber are cloudy (Moss is UFA and Barber is RFA after this season), I do not believe that Larry Johnson remains a significant fantasy force in the future and Steve Smith is an after-thought with anyone not named Delhomme or Testaverde starting at QB for the Panthers.

  7. Bill Says:

    I agree with Tj…I would have declined as well

  8. wittybanter Says:

    In a fantasy league that scores points for return yards, who do you favor more to have a better day against the Dallas defense, Clinton Portis on the ground attack or Rock Cartwright returning kicks?

  9. tjford Says:

    Depends on the amount of return yardage, if the return yardage is 1pt/25 yd; you have to play Portis. If the return yardage is 1pt/10yd, I may consider Cartwright.

  10. wittybanter Says:

    It’s 1pt/10yd. I am also considering the fact that the Dallas offense is the best in the NFC and is bound to rack up the points against a Washington defense that is middle-of-the-road at best.

    Any thoughts on Portis’ potential?

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