What did Joe Everyfan think of EliteXC: Renegade?

I have not had the pleasure of going to any live MMA events. There is talk of the UFC coming to Chicago and I’m considering going to some home IFL events for the Quad City Silverbacks. I must admit I’m concerned with the live event as opposed to on TV. I would think it would be hard to see anything.

Koopa, you went to the EliteXC Renegade event this weekend. How do you compare the live production as to watching it on TV?

Well, with floor seats it kinda sucked, cause once the match went to the ground you couldn’t really see anything, you ended up having to look at the big screen……. so if anyone goes, say no to floor seats, also, there was a dude that was like 6 feet tall and the dude was standing on his chair, so I had to stand on my chair……. the American Bank Center is pretty much a shack, when they come back, I’m getting seats in the stands cause they had a much better view then I did…..

Now don’t get me wrong, cause there are some benefit….I got to see Nate Diaz, Forrest Griffin, and one of my all time favorites Randy Couture pretty close, and where I sat, it was right by the entrance, so I saw the fighters up close too when they came out

But all in all, I’d rather watch it on TV, cause sometimes I like to hear the commentators explain stuff, and you can’t hear them live, and I like not having tall people standing on their chairs blocking my view.

Have you been to any other live events, if so how did it match up to this one?

This was my first live MMA event…. but I’ve been to NBA games, and those are better cause there is more cheering from the fans, and that always makes the event better when everyone is going off, here, when the nobody fighters were fighting the crowd was quite and that gets boring .

From what I read the Kimbo Slice fight appeared to be like a Mike Tyson fight in his prime. Over fast and unsatisfying. Thoughts on that fight?

Well, I knew what was gonna happen from the start, so i was satisfied that it was a murder lol, Kimbo got the biggest crowd reaction of the night, and it’s great when the energy is up in the building so that also helped the fight be better………. it was funny seeing bo tap out as soon as he hit the ground, Kimbo is a monster

I’m a big fan of Nick Diaz. Sounds like he didn’t take his loss well, have anything to say on that fight?

Well I’m sort of a Diaz fan, I don’t like his attitude at all…. he acted like a punk when the fight was called, while I like the fire and desire to keep fighting, it was the right move to stop the fight, he was busted up big time, and he didn’t need to act like a baby, and jump over the cage, run to the entrance turn around and flick everyone off in the ring…..

I think he came in over confident, he was throwing lazy jabs, and KJ was ready for every shoot attempt by nick, and pretty much ended the match when he kneed Diaz in the face in a shoot attempt

What stood out as the highlight of the night?

For me, the fans pissing Bill Goldberg off, at the end of the Diaz beat down, most of the fans were booing, including me, and bill even had the Doctor explain why he stopped the match, and we still kept booing, and pretty much not giving KJ any respect for his win…… so that was awesome getting under Goldberg’s skin ……… the reason that is my highlight is because only one match went the distance, and Matt Lucas dominated the three rounds so that wasn’t even exciting, the only exciting moments were when Kimbo came out and won, and when we went off booing………. but I still can’t wait to go back, I hope Gina Carano fight, she is so hot!

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