Message from Evan Tanner to thieving Bastards

Apparently Evan Tanner’s SUV was broken into. Here is a message from tanner to whoever the thieving bastard is…

I’m really disappointed. I had some things stolen out of my Land Cruiser last night while it was parked in front of the gym. The UFC had just given me a brand new workout bag full of shirts and beanies, with a personalized engraved name tag. They took that. What I’m most upset about though, is that they took all of my mma trading cards that I sign for the fans and the kids. Come on now, that’s really uncool. It was all in a storage container in the back of the Cruiser. I’m not sure what else was in it. If whoever did this happens to read this, be cool, at least give my trading cards back. I need those for the fans. It would also be nice to have the name tag back. My car will be in the same place as it was last night. You can just drive by and throw the cards in the back. No questions asked. It would be nice to have everything returned, but at least give the cards back.

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