Come get your 1st Half Report Cards!

You have to love the NFL. You really just don’t know from one season to the next…or sometimes from one week to the next…who teams are going to stack up once they get on the field. What we have done here at TINO this week is compiled report cards for certain categories determined on how they rank in the league by some stat categories. Doing this reminded me of being a first grader in Azusa, California walking home from school. The kid I was walking with was all stressed out about what his Mom would do when she seen his report card. My mind worked quickly to come to the solution of hiding it under a car tire where she would never find it. Mom frowned on it, I denied being involved.St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins, go out to the parking lot and pick a car.

Here are some links that break them down by division. Check them out, at least stop by to say hey to the ladies in each post.

AFC East

AFC West

AFC North

AFC South

NFC East

NFC West

NFC North

NFC South

In honor of report card week, we have the Hot for teacher video by Van Halen…

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