NFL Footballderdash/ Week Ten

Last week it came down to the Steelers and Ravens for us.   The Steelers tearing up the Ravens also put me a game ahead of Kelloggs for the total on the season.  This week can either have me taking a bigger lead or even falling behind a game as we differ in opinion on some of the winners this week.   All rivalry games this week, gotta love it!

So let’s review a little bit and then get into this weeks games…


TINO: 3-0 (16-11 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (15-12 overall) @
A trap game for me? Green Bay and Brett Favre are playing lights out. They are also doing something that is very important, which some teams don’t do. They are playing the WHOLE game. If only they had that running game they would be very dangerous. The Vikings had history on their side last week with Adrian Peterson in a monster showing with LT having to watch the kid on the block tear up the field from the sideline. The Vikings are not going to pretend they are doing anything but running the ball all day. The Packers will not try to pretend that they can run the ball. The Packers are due for a loss and it can always go either way in these rivalry games but I’m going with Favre and the Packers D.

TINO: Packers

Last time these two played, I was a big homer and figured the Vikings had a shot at the Super Bowl. This time I am much more grounded. Or is it the ground game that I am thinking of? ADRIAN PETERSON welcome to the frozen tundra where you will dominate the next few years. The Vikings D knows that Favre & the Pack Attack will have to pass and will be much better prepared this time around. AP will run wild and Brooks will have a homecoming (Wisconsin alum) that will be labeled “unspectacular, but efficient”. This will lead the Vikings to victory and a possible birth in that p-word that they have at the end of every season.

Kelloggs23: Minnesota Vikings

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Don’t you love when two teams hate each other and have something to play for? Dallas is only one win up on the Giants which makes this game that much sweeter. This should be a much different game than we seen in week one between these two. The Giants are playing much better on both sides of the ball. The concern I have is if New York can keep up to the scoring of the Cowboys. It very well could be a shoot out with a battle of stud Tight Ends on the receiving end. My first instinct tells me to go with the show in Dallas but I’m going to waiver and…

TINO: Giants

Tony Romo got the big bucks, but Eli has the last name. And the more complete team. With the Gmen getting healthy from their bye and their defense meshing together, I see them getting the W in the home game of this series. The pass rush they have been producing will limit Romo’s reads and will frustrate him into forcing some balls that he shouldn’t even be thinking about throwing. Brandon Jacobs will provide the playaction that Eli needs to get a little time and hit Plax over the top of the struggling Dallas secondary. G-Men for the win!

Kelloggs23: New York Giants @
The press in Denver is trying to do their part by starting some rumors of Larry Johnson’s season being over. The AFC West has been just plain ugly this year and this game should be as well. How ugly? The division leading Chiefs are 4-4 and the Broncos are only a game out at 3-5. That is ugly. We do see the return of Priest Holmes as the main back although he won’t have to do it all as they are planning a committee approach. Couldn’t be a better week than facing on of the worst running D’s in the league. We could see the return of Patrick Ramsey as a starting QB in the NFL as well with Jay Cutler being injured. The only high points I see in this game is Tony Gonzales and the Chiefs Defense.

TINO: Kansas City

Larry Johnson is hurt. Do I really need to say much more? Oh yea, the KC secondary is atrocious too. Enough said for if Cutler or whoever starts for Denver at QB to get the ball to Brandon Marshall and the Denver secondary to stack 8 in the box and have Champ & Dre shut down the KC passing game. It isn’t gonna be pretty, but is the AFC West really all that hot looking this year? KC leads the division with a .500 record! Anyway, the Denver ground game will be needed, but not until the 4th quarter when they are grinding out the clock in this one.

Kelloggs23: Denver Broncos

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