Donovan Don’t Play Dat!

It all falls back on the Quarterback. Doesn’t matter…the team is losing, the QB is going to get the slack (especially if he’s black?…couldn’t resist). Donovan McNabb isn’t taking it anymore and I have to say Kudos to Donovan! It’s not really “leader” like for a QB to go off on the rest of his team but if it’s called for, it’s called for. Now although they get the flack when the team is losing, more often than not they aren’t naming everyone on the team that is playing well when they are winning. The QB gets unfair credit for that as well. Anyway, I digress…Donovan is letting it be known that he isn’t the only one not getting the job done.

“I’m definitely not the whole reason why we lost these games,” McNabb said Wednesday. “Can I help? Yes, I can. But I’m not fully to blame for everything that goes on around here. I can help, but I’m not that main solution. I’m a piece of the puzzle, and when the puzzle’s put together, then we’ll have success.”

“We all have to play well,” he said. “We all have to do our jobs individually. If we all step up and do our job, then we wouldn’t be sitting here right now (at 3-5). But I’m definitely not the single reason for what’s going on right now.”

Let’s just get that move to Chicago going McNabb. That’s right…they are going to think they have a franchise QB in Brian Griese now…Sure would be cool though.

I have to say that I’m sure these comments put a lot of pressure on Kevin Curtis for being white.

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