Who in the Hell Do I start Week Ten?

Last week for the bye weeks! Texans, Patriots (ouch), Jets, and Bucs. Those that have been riding the Pats better have a backup plan this week!

This is a big week for me personally. I just moved into the #6 playoff seed in the IDP Dynasty league I won last season. I play a divisional opponent that is holding the #5 seed and the same record. He has more points so I need this win. Hopefully SJax will return from the bye with some decent numbers.

What about you guys? Need some start/sit-trade help? Let’s hear it!

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6 Responses to “Who in the Hell Do I start Week Ten?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Do you normally make any preparations/moves/trades/anything, to prepare you for the playoffs. I didn’t make the playoffs last year and most certainly will this year so I’m just trying to plan ahead.

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  3. Tino Says:

    Bill. If your week at a position but strong at another I would say by all means try and shore up that week position. If you have a solid group of starts you can roll the dice now that the bye weeks will be over after this week. If you know who your going start you don’t need those guys backing him up as much. It is rolling the dice because of injury though.

    Do you have any ideas on who you would like to move?

  4. Bill Says:

    Well, my roster consists of a couple guys that have strong schedules come playoff time ie. Favre, Ryan Grant, Vince Young, Nick Folk, Jacksonville DST, Jurevicous (yea i know, not a big deal). Torry Holt’s got one good game against Cincy, Dwayne Bowe and Crayton (although these two arent playing well right now. I am worried about Coles and Thomas Jones because the Jets have a crappy couple of weeks later on. Tomlinson doesnt have great matchups, but hell, he’s LT. The only position I don’t feel great about is WR. Coles seems like a good trade bait BUT i dont want to shoot myself in the foot by getting rid of him too early.

  5. Tino Says:

    You know, I had Coles in a title run last year and he was strong at the end of the season. I don’t know how that schedule compares to this year but he was important to me in December last season.

    Vince Young has just NOT been getting it done. If you can get someone that is a Texas or Titans fan to jump on him you may come out ahead. There again, he was strong at the end of the year for me last year…but he’s killing my QB position this year.

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