Adrian Peterson/NFL Video Highlights

The NFL put a limit on video highlights the media can use and yanks things off YouTube faster than Goodell can suspend someone. At least they are doing something with it on their end. The record breaking performance by Adrian Peterson yesterday is chronicled for your viewing pleasure HERE.

It appears that every touch Peterson had is in this highlight clip. Kudos to on this one! I was able to watch the last quarter of this game but thanks to this video I can feel somewhat like I seen all of the historic performance.

Even the run that Peterson lost the fumble on was a monster run. Ironic that the game was against the Chargers, who usually run all day on the opponent…at least in years past. I may have been looking a little far into it but as I was watching the 4th quarter of the game I was thinking it was an appropriate opponent with Tomlinson on the other side. A changing of the guard in a way.
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One Response to “Adrian Peterson/NFL Video Highlights”

  1. marketinghelper Says:

    I’m not a big fan of Peterson, but I congratulate him and I was very impressed

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