NFL Footballderdash/Week Nine

It’s a brand new ballgame, Baby! Not only did Brett Favre lead the Packers to an OT win and 6-1 start last week, he saved me from trailing Kelloggs23 for more than a week. It’s all tied up now. This week we have a few games where the teams just hate each other, how much fun is that? Once again it appears that the lead will be determined by the Monday Night game.


TINO: 2-1 (13-11 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (13-11 overall) @
This is the deepest in the regular season that we have ever seen two undefeated teams. We can only hope that this game is as good as the AFC Championship was last season. I have been saying all season that I can’t pick against the Patriots until they lose. I have just been in awe of what they are doing to opposing teams…opposing teams seem to be too as they watch themselves get throttled. The Colts have not been putting up the offensive numbers that they normally do but they have balanced out with a D that is playing better than usual…so they don’t have to. What I see happening in this game is the Patriots “overthinking” and the Colts just going out and doing their thing. Advantage Colts.


I’m gonna blame this week on the full moon that has been causing people to be crazy lately as I go with a couple of “against the grain” picks. With that said, Peyton will have a great game against the NE D. They try to confuse with multiple fronts and coverage schemes, but Manning has seen them plenty of times and his audibles will confuse the NE D that is trying to confuse him. Did you follow that one? Anyway, IND’s D will surprise the masses by playing a very quality game, just enough to let Addai & Manning get them the W.

Kelloggs23: Indianapolis Colts @
After a big start the Cowboys started to tail off a bit. They almost dropped one to Buffalo and then were smacked around and brought to earth by New England. The Pats game was a good example of what happens when a kid is awesome on a playground with his friends (NFC) but is average when they suit up in High School (vs. Pats). The Eagles are waiting back on the playground for the Cowboys this week. They have not been themselves as they can’t seem to find the endzone. They should be downright embarrassed by the Bears comeback win a couple weeks ago. They are just not putting up enough points to beat the Cowboys.

TINO: Cowboys

Why hasn’t ESPN been going ga-ga over this game? Isn’t TO returning to Philly? Oh yea, they are over-hyping that other football game that is going on this week. Regardless TO will come “home” and show McNabb what a real WR looks like. Surprisingly though, the Dallas 2headed rushing machine will be what wins the game for them. TO will have a nice game, but MBIII and JJ will both have great games and the Dallas D will stifle the Philly offense that had troubles last week against a weaker MN D.

Kelloggs23: Dallas Cowboys @
What a week. We get to pick three games where the teams just hate each other. The Monday night game should be the type of smash mouth game that football is all about. If we could just add some rain/snow I would be in heaven. In this game I’m using a formula that I have used often this season. Offense+Defense is better than Defense-Offense. The Steelers have both. In fact they have a better defense as well. There is a good chance that the ravens will be in thrid place behind the Browns in the AFC North after this game.

TINO: Steelers

Where has Baltimore’s shut down D been this year? Where is this RB that was supposed to turn them into a title contender? Well you will see both this week. Ray-Ray & Ed Reed will open up a can on Big Ben and shut down the Steeler’s running game. Willis won’t be spectacular, but he will do enough as he chews up yards, works the clock and puts them in scoring position. This will be the week that TINO either catches up or I pull away and put them in their place. Be sure to tune in!

Kelloggs23: Baltimore Ravens

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10 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash/Week Nine”

  1. edtajchman Says:

    Yah the Packers are 6 -1, but its too bad you were dead wrong about the Chiefs this year, #11 in ESPN power rankings, a powerful top 5 defense has only given up 2 passing td’s this year, given Green Bay only has an air attack and their playing at Arrowhead, EVERYBODY is picking Chiefs to win and they will. I told you were wrong about the Chiefs, even when they were 0-2 didn’t I? I don’t just blow smoke,…lol ….

  2. Tino Says:

    I told you I didn’t know shit, didn’t I? A couple times I think, LMAO! You crack me up.

  3. tjford Says:

    The Pack managed to expose the (then) best passing defense in the NFL last Monday. Look for Grant to run the ball early to get the Chiefs off their game. I’m betting on the Pack.

  4. edtajchman Says:

    I don’t know shit either,…lol.. I just got tired of all the disrespect the Chiefs got when they are the same players (plus more now) that went 9-7 last year, I mean Trent didn’t do crap for us last year. (hope he’s okay). I took out my frustration on your blog, …my bad….

  5. Tino Says:

    No problem. Like I said before, I didn’t look at the Chiefs and say, “They are only going to win this many games this year…” I just looked at everyones schedule and picked the games, at that time that I thought they would win week to week. Just so happens some were way off and the Chiefs were one of them. That’s why I don’t gamble…lol.

  6. edtajchman Says:

    look at college football this year, I bet people lost a ton of money….geez,..(go Jayhawks)

  7. Tino Says:

    That was a long time coming for Kansas, wasn’t it? Love it. If someone would just beat Ohio State…

  8. edtajchman Says:

    okay now I officially dont know shit, Packers beat Chiefs, watching Farve was like seeing Elway who always beat us coming back in the fourth quarter….
    Jayhawks national title contenders? not likely but the fact that the conversation is even happening is awsome…lol…

  9. Tino Says:

    I was by no means saying the Jayhawks would be beating Ohio State in the National Title game. It was just a short comment on how the season has been going. Anything appears to be happening but the one sure thing right now appears that Ohio State will be in the title game. Even if they do lose to Michigan it’s a possibility.

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