So let’s talk Patriots @ Colts

It’s nothing new for the Colts to be in a game mid-season where there is talk of 16-0. This year it isn’t the Colts that are the focus of that talk though. The Patriots are the scariest team to take the field in some time and despite dropping their last three to the Colts they are coming into this Sunday’s game the favorite. With good reason. The least amount of points they have put up is 34 in weeks 4-5. Their last two road games? They put up a total of 97 points. People are crying about them running up the score. Would someone please stop them then?

The Patriots ravaging of their competition makes the Colts season look pedestrian. The only time they really put up what we know as Colt like numbers was in a week one 41-10 win over New Orleans. The defense is improved. Not THAT improved though. It’s been a while since the Colts have entered a game a REAL underdog where people thought they were not going to win. I tend to be someone who pulls for the underdog (Saints fan) and I feel sorry for the Colts so much in this matchup that I will be cheering for them.

You know the media has been waiting for this. I’m surprised that NBC is not putting on a compilation of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning’s Saturday Night Live appearances this weekend. I never seen Brady’s but I know Manning’s was a big hit and I thought it was pretty funny shit.

So let’s do a little link dump for the game…

The Game Center’s page for this game has updated videos I imagine up until Sunday. They usually just post one preview video per week for a game.

The Pats are a 4 1/2 point favorite. Whadya say Coach?

“They’re a good team, they’ve played great football all year and we’ve played very, very well,” Colts coach Tony Dungy said. “It’s going to be a big game.”

and Bill?

“They’ve won a lot of games through the years, they won a championship last year and nobody’s beat them in a long time,” he said, speaking for the minority. “So there’s nobody doing it better than they are.” calls the game Class vs. Crass. They also take a look at the battle of the front offices.

CBS is licking it’s chops with thoughts of how their AFC matchup can overtake FOX this weekend.

I would like to invite you readers to participate in a poll on who wins and discussion in our forums.

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