Who in the hell do I start Week Nine?

What a weekend. The Saints are playing like people expected when they drafted their fantasy teams…finally. The Rams even put up the fantasy type numbers we were looking for…just in time for a bye week. This weeks byes go to the Bears, Dolphins, Giants, and Rams.

So in the wake of the Ronnie Brown injury I did something I don’t usually do and I threw some trade offers out there. I usually let people come to me but I need to salvage something. One that did come through was Santonio Holmes and Correll Buckhaulter for Thomas Jones. Truth is, I likely would not have started Holmes on a team that I have Steve Smith and Reggie Wayne on. Jones has not been as great as expected but man I need something.

So what do you have going on? Questions for the week on start/sit or trades? Let’s have them in the comment box below!

Sidenote: Bryan thought our last cheerleader had a bit too much of a belly so I’m setting out to right that wrong.
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7 Responses to “Who in the hell do I start Week Nine?”

  1. Bill Says:

    tino, i was lucky enough to pick up Ryan Grant off the wire this morning. for my RB2 im looking at thomas jones, grant, or foster. any suggestions?

  2. Tino Says:

    Thomas Jones is not getting the carries he should and faces a tough run D this weekend.

    We don’t know much about Grant yet and he will face a different D with KC than he did with Denver.

    DeShaun Foster’s turf toe didn’t keep him from starting last week and they pounded him into the endzone. But the Titans D is tough.

    That’s a real tough call. I think if I had to choose one for my lineup it would be Thomas Jones on the fact that he is less likely to split touches with another back or Packer WR 😉

  3. tjford Says:

    Agreed, you have to play T Jones. It should be noted that Kellen Clemens is the starter now. I bet that Mangini tries to forcefeed the ball to Jones so that a tough Skins secondary doesn’t expose Clemens early on. Jones may not have a banner day, but he will have plenty of opportunity.

  4. royaltee Says:

    I have a decision to make for my RB2 this week in my big $ league.

    I’m leaning toward Clinton Portis @ NYJ over Mo Jones Drew @ NO.

    The Jets run D is piss poor to say the least, although they did keep Lynch in check last week and David Harris played lights out in place of Jonathon Vilma. Even with Portis’ underwhelming YPC this year, Gibbs has been faithfully giving him the rock.

    On the other hand, Mo Jones Drew should be back healthy and will probably tear up the carpet in the Dome. But then there’s Quinn Gray holding back the offense not to mention Fred Taylor siphoning half the carries.

    What to do, what to do. Who do you think will be the better play?

  5. tjford Says:

    I don’t think that either is necessarily a “bad play”; both have great matchups. That being said, I’d lean towards Portis having a better day. Betts is a non-factor this year and I envision a 25-30 touch day for Portis for about 110 combined yards and a score.

    MoJo’s production is and will always be sporadic as long as Fred Taylor is in the mix. Sure, the Jags will likely run all day on the Saints but it is difficult is get consistent production when you only get the ball 10-15 times.

    I’d play Portis personally.

  6. royaltee Says:

    I stuck with my gut and played Portis, thank the lord.

    Now’s the time to deal him right before the deadline and right before he plays a real defense.

  7. Tino Says:

    I remember seeing his stats early on in the game and didn’t think he was fairing well. Sure turned that around, huh?

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