Not Your Everyday Fantasy Links

So far this is the worst season I think I have had playing fantasy football. I’m not out of anything yet but I’m just used to being on top of the rankings in a majority of my leagues. I still am in some but find myself looking at a wildcard spot in others. It’s not real hard for me to figure out what the problem is. I have not been putting the time in that I usually do. That changes this week as we go into week eight and only have six regular fantasy season games left. I have never let life get in the way of my fantasy world before and it needs to stop…now!

I mentioned in a fantasy football pre-season rant that you really don’t need to pay for “premium” content when it comes to fantasy football because there are plenty of sites out there that will do your homework for free…if you trust them.

Here are some links from people playing the game and loving it so much they write about it. Not those that were “assigned” being the fantasy football expert at your mainstream site.

I just stopped by to visit our friendly neighborhood Fantasy Football Librarian and she has tons of Start/Sit info. Bunch of links and then a consensus start/sit. Cool thing about it is you can go to her page and be as loud as you want and she doesn’t say “Shhhhhhhhhhhh…” I know because I do it…I’m doing it right now.

The Hazean has some start/sit stuff up this week. He has a really cool banner too. The colors are pleasing. You will enjoy your time there. Doesn’t The Hazean sound like a place you would go to drink beer as a kid on the weekends?

The Fan Prophet has “The Gospel” on who the top players are at each position, giving you projected numbers and spicing things up with red text. Big action packed pictures too. I said before I liked this guy and was likely going to give him a nickname. I have not come up with anything so we are going to cal him “Big Action Packed Pictures Guy” until I come up with something.

The Fantasy Football Goat does more than just fantasy football. I’m going to Spam this guy until I get put on his blogroll. That’s right…I went there.

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4 Responses to “Not Your Everyday Fantasy Links”

  1. The Hazean Says:

    The Saints are back!!!

  2. Tino Says:

    That’s right baby! Man, I have been sick as a dog today. Just getting on here. I have not even been able to enjoy the Saints win yesterday. They just opened up some more fantasy people to be used, huh?

  3. Bryan Says:

    Hey Tino – She’s got a little bit of a belly dude…

  4. The Hazean Says:

    Yeah, thank goodness for that too. Hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks for posting some help in the my Start/Sit column last week!

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