NFL Footballderdash/Week Eight

After Kelloggs pleading for me to throw him a couple games I now find myself trailing after taking Jacksonville and Philly last week. Okay, I thought maybe I was giving one away with the Jacksonville game but I really thought that Philly would take the game against Chicago and it appeared so until the last few seconds when Brian Griese played like a starting NFL QB and drove the Bears to a winning score in the final two minutes. So now I play catch up…


TINO: 0-3 (11-10 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (12-9 overall) @ The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

It’s been so long since these two have played on Monday night that the Broncos had blue helmets and orange jerseys at the time. This is a very tough one to call for me. Denver is only a game out (trailing KC?) of first place. But that IS with a 3-3 record. Something I find interesting about their schedule is that in the games they have won, it’s been by a total of 7 points in three games. Everything should tell me to beware the Broncos pass defense in this game. Brett Favre does tend to make costly mistakes. If there is any time this season that the Packers should be able to run the ball it is Monday night. Not that it will happen. I look for this game to be a close one.

TINO: Packers

Oh Brett Favre, how I love you so. How I love that you won’t win
this game because Denver is made to shut down the pass and let you run
on them. What was that? Green Bay has no running game? Only passing?
What a shame. Greg Jennings will have a decent game with Driver getting
blanketed by Champ, but it won’t be enough as Denver will pound it out
all game long. I think this may be a very boring game with Denver
taking it in the end, probably on a Jason Elam FG or John Elway
game-winning drive.

Kelloggs23: Denver Broncos


I didn’t bite the last time Kelloggs threw a New Orleans game at me. It appears that a different team is showing up now. This game is an essential must win for both teams. Playoffs are likely out of reach for both but most teams are not the Miami Dolphins and look to win every week in the NFL’s short season. It certainly isn’t a steller matchup (both teams 2-4) but I still enjoy watching these two meet as I still hate the Niners from the NFC West days. This isn’t driven by homerism but looking at two teams going in opposite directions.

TINO: Saints

I gave Lee the choices for this week and I threw this one in hoping
he would pick it. Only because I know who his choice will be after he
picked against them last time and they made him look like a fool. What
kind of fan picks against his own team? You’d swear he’s from Iowa or

Oh yea, I’m going with New Orleans because I don’t trust Alex
Smith’s shoulder yet and I don’t trust his backup. Period. Maybe 8
years ago. No, not even 8 years ago. Trent Dilfer just isn’t a QB. Go
Reggie Bush!

Pick: New Orleans Aints

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. @

Coming in to the the season I was expecting big things for the Jaguars. I even called an 11-5 season. I was laughed at taking their D late in fantasy leagues. The defense has not disappointed. The running game is not what it was in 2006. There is a good chance that we may see Matt Jones lined up at QB this weekend…huh? Yes, David Garrard is out, Quinn Gray is in…making Jones the next guy. In 24 attempts, Gray already has two INT’s…scary. He will face a Tampa-2 D again this week, one that isn’t playing too bad. The Bucs have been kickstarted by Jeff Garcia’s play. The Ol’Boy still has it. I believe that this game comes down to mistakes and the Jags are going to make more of them. My heart says go Jags but I just can’t this week.

TINO: Bucs

Before the season started going, who thought this would even be a
game? Much less a battle between two very respectable records. Injuries
have hurt them big time over the last couple weeks with Caddy for TB
& Garrard for Jax. Garrard hurts Jax much more as their running
game hasn’t been going and they leaned on him big time. Although I
think Jax is the better team and will be again in 4 weeks when Garrard
is back, I’m going with the home team and their RB by committee
approach. Plus Bennett was a Viking and I think he will do good.

Kelloggs23: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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3 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash/Week Eight”

  1. LeBlanc Says:

    I agree with your thoughts on the Denver/GB game except the outcome…something tells me Favre pulls this one out…somehow.

  2. Tino Says:

    I took the Packers. The Bad Guy took the Broncos. Good news for me…and the Pack is that Champ Bailey might not go.

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