Blogger League Update 10/24

With the Ronnie Brown injury and The Fantasy Football Librarian beating me to the punch on Jesse Chatman, Team TINO Sports Page appears to be all but done for the 2007 season.  With the Marion Barber bye week we boast a backfield of DeAngelo Williams and Selvin Young this week.  After spending the season in the top few spots of the rankings we have fallen to #5.  Sad.

This really has been a fantasy season like I have not seen before with the “studs” not performing as predicted.

I thought this morning I would take you guys around to see what is going on with the sites participating in the league.  It’s been fun and I hope we can do another Mock Draft and League next season.

1.) NFL 6-1 The Guru weighs in on Ray Lewis and his mouth.

2.) MWC Football 5-2 BYU-SDSU game postponed because of those fires.

3.) Signal to Noise 5-2 Rudy G. is a bandwagon jumping Douchebag

4.) FanProphet 4-3 Week 8 QB’s that are supposed to be pretty good.

5.) TINO Sports Page 4-3 You are HERE

6.) This Just In 4-3 Some Start and Sit info

7.) The NFL Minute 3-4 Indy getting no respect

8.) 3-4 More Start and Sit stuff

9.) FantasyfootballGoat 2-4-1 Some Tom Brady is the Fantasy MVP stuff, with video.

10.) Curveballs for Jesus 2-4-1 The best Sportsblog name I have seen in a while appears to be on vacation.

11.) FF Librarian 2-5 Hooking you up with where to go for waiver advice.

12.) The Hazean 1-6 Grab Bag of players you should have if available


One Response to “Blogger League Update 10/24”

  1. FFGoat Says:

    Don’t give up yet Tino,You have a winning record and a few weeks to work with.

    You are right on the stud issue though. I have been bitten by the same bug and doing an autodraft left me with no depth. With that said, the waiver wire has been my best friend in this league. Its not over til its over and 2-4-1 is only 1.5 games out of a playoff spot.


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