Who in the hell do I start Week Eight?

What a bye week. Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Cowboys, Chiefs, Seahawks. Not all of them boast fantasy studs but it’s going to leave a lot of holes on fantasy rosters this week. How do they get you this week?

So the big injury this week has to go to Ronnie Brown. This is going to kill me in a couple leagues. I drafted Jesse Chatman in most of my leagues because at the time I was drafting was when it was being said that the job wasn’t necessarily Brown’s. Problem…I had since dropped him in most of those leagues. Chatman is the hands down guy to go here as Lorenzo Booker will get some action too.

Talk is we are going to see the return of Steven Jackson. I wish I could be more excited. The way the Rams are playing it’s just setting me up for being more frustrated having him on the field not performing.

So who in the hell are you going to start this week? Any trades your mulling over? Let’s hear it!

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6 Responses to “Who in the hell do I start Week Eight?”

  1. LeBlanc Says:

    At 2-5, and after getting throttled by my own wife, I have decided to start no one. At least there is no hope of winning then.

  2. Tino Says:

    As a Saints fan that is how I feel on bye weeks. Sorry to hear you had to turn the pants over to the wife.

  3. Bill Says:

    This week i have to decide between V Jack playing Houston or old Ike Hilliard against the Jags???

  4. Tino Says:

    I think I may sound crazy for saying it…but Hilliard may be the better start. We don’t know how the San D offense or opposing D’s are going to adjust to Chambers yet and you never know where the ball is going to go in San Diego. Garcia keeps an eye out for Hilliard and he may get more looks than Jackson.

  5. tjford Says:

    I think you play Hilliard with confidence this week. The Jags will stuff the run, forcing Garcia to throw. I look for 5 rec for 70 yds and a strong possibility of a score for Hilliard.

    Here’s a couple tough ones for you guys. Looking for a few opinions for starters in a handful of leagues I’m in.

    Which QB? 4pt/TD 1pt/25 yd pass
    Bulger v. Browns
    Favre v. Broncos

    Which RB? 0.5 PPR 1pt/10yd rush-rec
    J Chatman v. Giants
    K Keith v. Panthers
    T Henry (inj) v. Packers

    Playing SJax, Selvin Young, CJ and Roy Williams. Need 1 more WR and 1 Flex player; pick 2. 1 PPR
    Brian Leonard v. Browns
    Arnaz Battle v. Saints
    Donald Driver v. Broncos (yes, I’m scared of Champ dropping a doughnut on Driver)
    James Jones v. Broncos
    Anthony Gonzalez v. Panthers (good play if Marvin is out)
    Kevin Walter v. Chargers

  6. Tino Says:

    Damn T! I’ll have to get back at that later on with all of those.

    For starters…Bulger is almost like I was looking at the Saints before…they have to do something before using them. Now, I have Bulger in a lot of leagues without much for another option so I have to start him. In your situation I may start Favre. I know everyone is afraid of the Broncos secondary but the Steelers did throw 4 TD’s on them last week.

    I don’t know that I would start SJax AND Leonard. It’s not a pretty name but Kevin Walter may not be a bad start, I think I would use him for one of them. I have him going in a couple leagues. If your afraid of the Broncos secondary that eliminates Driver and Jones for you. If I had those to choose from I would likely go Driver though just because he is the most solid out of them.

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