Monday AM Hangover/Week Seven

  • So I got to watch the last two minutes of the Bears-Eagles game. What an amazing drive. Brian Griese looks like he should be a starting NFL QB after this game. Not only did he put together a game winning drive in the final two minutes, he didn’t turn the ball over and nine guys got catches. Lesson to the Eagles…you have to play 60 minutes of football.
  • When was the last time the Rams were this bad? 0-7 start for the first time ever…and there has been some pretty bad Rams teams over the years.
  • The Saints put together another week of looking like the 2006 Saints, putting them two games back in the division believe it or not. Joey Harrington just won’t go away will he? He got in the game by default after Leftwich went down. Almost got a TD that could have won the game had Roddy White not stepped out of bounds.
  • The Patriots are pretty good.
  • Let’s hear it for the Cowboys rush D. We always hear about Romo and Owens. This rush defense has not given up 100 game to a rusher and has allowed only 3 TD’s on the ground. Not a favorable matchup for a Vikings team that can only run the ball.

It’s a little premature with the Monday night game let to be played but let’s hand out some fantasy game balls…

QB-Tom Brady…wow. Six TD’s and 354 yards? You have to have a sense that they slacked off on the Fins int he second half too.

RB-Yes it’s Kenny Watson. 130 yards on the ground, 27 in the air. Oh yeah, he got three TD’s too.

WR-Wes Welker. Randy Moss gets all the attention in New England…and still scores. But Welker benefits from that as well because…they just can’t cover everyone, and he’s pretty good. 138 yards, got nine catches, and two TD’s.

TE-A couple of TD’s and 50 yards make Heath Miller the man this week.

K-Eight field goals made Rob Bironas a higher scorer than many fantasy “studs” this week…from any position.

Defense/Special Teams-What a showing by the Seahawks! 7 sacks, 3 INT’s, 2 fumbles recovered…and the special teams gets a TD.

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3 Responses to “Monday AM Hangover/Week Seven”

  1. Bill Says:

    Tino, my RB’s are LT, Lendale White and Thomas Jones. I have Crumpler at TE…I was offered a trade: Lendale white for Dallas Clark. What do you think? I may try to push for one of his bye week backs like deshaun foster and throw in crumpler. any thoughts?

  2. Tino Says:

    You said before you wanted a TE. Hmmm. I think if you can get Foster too and dump Crumpler you would be getting a better deal. Without that I guess you have to consider if LT and Jones are going to be your every week backs (would you ever start White over them or are you confident they won’t get injured). White had a good week so now would be the time to cash in. If you could get the counter you mentioned I think it would be better for you but without you may not have a bad deal if you take it since you have been looking to upgrade at TE.

  3. fanyard Says:

    Note that Griese made that final drive happen all on his own, except for the final, scoring play, as his radio communications went down. That probably won’t happen very often and, if not, one has to think his play will not be as good. Whatever calls are coming in from the sidelines are worse than his own. Perhaps he should just pretend not to hear them. BTW, agree wholeheartedly with the above in relation to the Clark/White trade.

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