NFL Footballderdash/Week Seven

Almost to the midway point of the season. If it had not been for some homerism (Vikings) lapse by Kelloggs23 earlier on, he may be tied or ahead of me. But he isn’t. We both dropped the ball on the Saints game last week. That hurt as a Saints fan since he threw it up there to twist the knife on me and I thought I was too smart to fall for it. Sometimes homerism can be good. So let’s review…


TINO: 1-2 (11-7 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (10-8 overall)

And off to this weeks games… @
I think that the Bears made the right move in putting Brian Griese in at QB. The passing game has got a spark that they needed this season…a spark. The running game is still chugging a bit. The Bears defense is coming off a game where the Minnesota Vikings ran all over them. Although I like Adrian Peterson a lot, I also like Brian Westbrook with a better supporting cast than Peterson had. I like the Eagles defense better right now. I like McNabb more than Griese. I like the Eagles more than the Bears in this game.

TINO: Eagles

This was supposed to be a matchup between 2 teams that were leading their division and it would have been one helluva game. Well, it will still be a helluva game, but just without all fanfare. McNabb still hasn’t returned to the way he was playing last year and neither have the Bears. Both teams will be looking to right the ship a little bit this week and hopefully start a nice winning streak. I’m gonna go out on a little limb this week and say that Chicago’s D is going to show up and Griese/Benson are going to get it done on offense for them. Just a hunch I guess.

Kelloggs23: Chicago Bears @
The AFC West is sad this year isn’t it? The top spot held by a .500 KC Chiefs team. The Broncos should be “put down” for their play. The dead last rushing defense against the Steelers? Ben shouldn’t have to throw the ball for the whole game. The defense is allowing a little more than nine points per game where the Broncos D has given up 79 points in it’s last two games. I don’t know anyway that the Broncos can come out of this game with a win.

TINO: Steelers

Another matchup that was supposed to be much better than it actually is. With Javon Walker out, the Broncos are hurting in the big play department and will be looking for Brandon Marshall to step it up. He’ll have a nice game, but Wee Willie Parker shredding the Broncos D will nullify that. Big Ben will do what he always does and be good enough to not lose and he’ll hand the ball off a bazillion times. The Steelers D will shut down the run and force Denver to pass which would have been alright with Walker healthy, but just doesn’t work for them this week.

Kelloggs13: Pittsburgh Steelers @
Kelloggs is whining that he is behind and wants me to give him a couple games. I’m going to give him a chance here. I like the Jags to take one from the Colts this season. I don’t know if this is the one. If they were not coming off a bye week I think I could gauge it a little better. I like what the Jags have been doing and I love their defense. There is nothing bad to say about the Colts. What can you say? It would not break my heart to see them go undefeated into their game with the Pats. That would make for a great game. However, nobody goes 16-0 and I think they could drop one here. The Jags always play them tough.

TINO: Jaguars

You all ready for this? I’m looking to gain a point back so I’m going to go with the upset and pick the… Colts. Sorry, I couldn’t do it. I thought I had it in me, but I just can’t do it. Peyton looks too good this year and the Indy D actually knows what they are supposed to do and are doing ti well. Everybody talks about how good the Pats are and I think the defending champs are flying under the radar which is just fine for them, they will surprise people. The Jags need WRs. Period. Get them a couple and they are a legitimate title contender, without it they are just a nice playoff team with a good defense. Either way, Del Rio (former Viking) is looking like a genius for going with Garrard right now. They are starting to get their running game and the Colts are hoping it isn’t a repeat of last year. Don’t worry, it won’t be.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts

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2 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash/Week Seven”

  1. Bryan Says:


    Are the Steelers for real this year? Or have they benefitted from a lack of a good early schedule?

    Your thoughts?


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