An MMA Knee in your face

We have randomly covered some Mixed Martial Arts here at The TINO Sports Page. It’s something that I want to cover more but have not really got around to it. So today I decided to give some random thoughts and some linkage to some UFC 77 info from the MMA blog world.

  • What is going on with the WEC? Once they hit The Versus Network I thought they had a pretty good thing going. It appeared it was going to take off after being bought out by Zuffa Inc. (UFC owners). They had good momentum with live events on Versus in August and September, which was awesome for poor folks like myself that can’t afford the Pay Per View’s of UFC. Then, silence. The next live event is scheduled for December 12th. You can get a fix with some WEC Wrekage “best of” type shows. What sucks there is that they do not put out new shows very often. They did sign a deal with Versus for 15 live events but at the rate they are going that deal would go through 2015. Versus is making an effort to be a reputable Sports station and may not know which direction to go with this, College Football, and Hockey (and then a bunch of stuff I don’t care about). It would be nice to see them get up there in the MMA world as the sport is growing, because I’m selfish and want free MMA.
  • If your not familiar with the many MMA blogs out there and would like more info but don’t know where to start…go to Five Ounces of Pain. They have been around for a while but are growing. I believe it started out as a little side project for Sam Caplan (Who writes MMA articles just about everywhere on the Net) but it’s taking off and they have added more writers, including Matt from MMA Takedown (formally UFCtakedown before Zuffa and their bully lawyers went after them for the name…and video stuff).

So we have UFC 77 tomorrow night. How about some links to get you primed up?

Here we link to Bloody Elbow, who will give you a shit load of more links for UFC77.

ANY GIVEN SATURDAY Radio show from Bloody Elbow has Bas Rutten.

MMA on Tap breaks down UFC77

Performify’s picks for UFC77 at

Sprawl N’ Brawl has a video of the UFC77 Presser.’s UFC77 Preview.

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4 Responses to “An MMA Knee in your face”

  1. Bryan Says:

    I like UFC, but I am an old time boxing fan. I just don’t see that UFC creates the same drama and build-up that boxing has, plus boxing has a long and storied history. There are no UFC greats comparable to Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, etc. I just can’t see myself paying $50 for a PPV event for UFC. The UFC novelty wears off pretty quickly.

  2. Tino Says:

    They are two different beasts so I won’t go into which is better and who could beat up who. One problem with boxing that I see is those are pretty old names you mention. They do not have the star power they used to. I’m not going to try and convince a boxing fan that they should be an MMA fan or make them choose, everyone has an opinion (although mine is right and if they disagree they are wrong). Consider the length of Boxing’s history in comparison to when those boxers you named reached fame. It took time. MMA is a young sport in comparison.

    I do have to disagree with the UFC “novelty” wearing off. You yourself may have lost interest but, it’s growing, like it or not. And millions are getting these $50 PPV events (although I can’t afford it myself). It’s been a long time since there has been a boxer or boxing event that could sell a fraction of what these guys do, and they do it several times a year.

    Again, opinions vary. I have not been interested in a Boxing event since…I don’t remember.

  3. Paul Says:

    In regards to Bryan I think that it’s important to note that Boxing and MMA are two different sports.

    It’s true that MMA incorporates Boxing *but* it isn’t the same skill and precision that you’re used to for a couple of reasons:

    1. Much smaller gloves
    2. Younger as a traditional sport

    As the sport continues to grow in a traditional sense you will see the athletes develop their skills. Likewise, as the fight purses rise, you will more athletes willing to train.

    As far as the novelty “wearing off” – to each his own. I am from Minnesota and had a wrestling background before getting into the business (and training), not unlike many of the current athletes in the sport. To us, there is no novelty in this. It is our life… and has been for well over 10 years.

  4. Tino Says:

    Well said Paul!

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