Who in the hell do I start Week Seven?

Any SJAX owners out there?  How are you dealing with it?  I imagine in re-draft leagues he has been dropped by many.  I have him in a couple dynasty leagues where he is just killing me (all Rams for that matter).  I’m making him wear a pink helmet to practice this week.

Playoff pictures are starting to shape up in fantasy land.  How you looking?

So in week seven we have  Panthers, Browns, Packers, and Chargers on bye weeks.  Who would have thought that Browns on the bench might hurt a fantasy team this year?

So throw them down in the comments below.  Questions and comments on who to start , pick up or drop.


10 Responses to “Who in the hell do I start Week Seven?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Do you like the Redskins DST against Arizona orrrr the Chiefs DST against Oakland?

  2. Tino Says:

    I think if I had to choose I like the Redskins. They are scoring a little more fantasy wise. They have only really had one down week (Giants) and a huge week against the Lions. Looking at opponents you may cash in with the Chiefs getting some gifts from Raiders though. It’s a tough call but like I said, I think I would go Skins.

  3. Bill Says:

    for Wr’s Crayton against the soft Minnesota secondary or Bowe against Oakland?

  4. tjford Says:

    DST – Go with the Skins vs the Cardinals. Tim Rattay will likely be starting and he is fumble-prone as evidenced by last week’s game. I think the Skins give him a lot of grief.

    WR – Play Crayton hands down. It is proven that you can’t run well against the Vikings. That being said, good teams must resort to the passing game to win and regularly expose Minnesota’s mediocre secondary. Play Crayton and don’t think twice. I think LJ gets a lot of work against a bad Oakland run D which will limit Bowe’s opporunity.

  5. Bill Says:

    thanks a lot guys! i appreciate the advice.i may have to bench VY and pick up a replacement for sunday due to his strained quad. who do you like more in the event i am desperate for a QB? Kyle Boller or Pennington? I will be starting Coles and Thomas Jones also this weekend so i’m not crazy about starting Pennington as well!

  6. tjford Says:

    Pennington is a decent choice as the Bengals defense is weak although I agree with not having your eggs in one basket.

    Boller has a decent matchup against the Bills but Baltimore is a running team. I don’t see Boller piling up stats.

    I’d play Pennington.

  7. Bill Says:

    i’m thinking of trying to trade dwayne bowe for heath miller or a comparable TE. my only TE right now is crumpler. what do you guys think about that?

  8. Tino Says:

    I don’t like “having my eggs all in on basket” but the truth is you have to go with who is going to score you more points despite if they are on the same team or not.

    I don’t like Crumpler as a TE this year if you have another option. Are you looking to get rid of Bowe or is it his value your looking at? If I remember right you have Vincent Jackson as well. With Chambers in town now his fantasy production may drop. Maybe see if you can move him first. depends on if you value him more than Bowe.

  9. Bill Says:

    I definitely value Bowe over Jackson. I am fishing with Jackson right now, to see if anyone will bite. Bowe would be my next offer since I see him and Crayton to have similar value (Crayton a little more). I’m new to the whole trading game. I have never offered one before. I’m familiar with the whole buy low/sell high scheme though. I know that Jackson will most likely lose touches with chambers in town but, in your opinion, is it possible that his production may actually increase (a al crayton) if Defenses decide to focus more energy on Chambers and Gates?

  10. Tino Says:

    That very well is a possibility but I would have to think they can’t put too much focus on Chambers and neglect Gates and LT. At best it makes Jackson the 4th option on the field at the time in my opinion.

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