Monday AM Hangover/Week Six

I’m a big fan of the new Game Center. I just wonder how long before they try to charge for it.

Up to this point the Saints had looked like they were in the Way Back Machine to 2004. Sunday they finally found the knob to take them to 2006 as they finally turned in a performance that looked like the team that came a game short of the Super Bowl. Reggie Bush will give them something to talk about this week as he played like a feature back.

Despite scoring 27 against the Patriots, the Cowboys looked like that kid that is really good playing in the empty lot against his friends but is pretty average when strapping on the pads and going out for the high school team. The Pats are just bullies. Don’t fret Cowboy fans, you will still rule the empty lot (NFC).

LT turned in his first real LT like performance of the year with over 200 total yards and 4 TD’s. Welcome back to fantasy land LT owners! The old Culpepper returned too with a couple of INT’s and a fumble.

The Bears put up a fight but were no match for Adrian Peterson. What a day! This kid is for real and makes the vikings fun to watch again! Despite the record the Bears made the right move going with Brian Griese.

Let’s give out some game balls…

QB: Tom Brady is scary good. I wonder when the talk of him breaking Mannings season TD record will begin.

RB: LT? Nope, I’m thinking Adrian Peterson. 11.2 yards per rush average and 3 TD’s. Nice knowing ya Chester Taylor.

WR: TJ Housagazoonheight. In a losing effort gets 145 yards and a couple TD’s.

TE: Tony G. 102 yards, couple of TD’s and a new record.

K: Matt Stover single footedly (is that a word?) beat the St. Louis Rams. Five FG’s.

D: The Ravens looked like the Ravens of old with five INT’s, four sacks, and a fumble recovery.


3 Responses to “Monday AM Hangover/Week Six”

  1. tjford Says:

    Too many good performances to not mention others for runners up for game balls in my opinion. Maybe not your leaders as far as fantasy numbers go, but these players pulled out big games to lead their teams to victory.

    Jeff Garcia and Tampa D – Running game was horrible yesterday. Garcia and the Tampa D gave them a chance to win against a tough Titans squad. A VY injury nevers hurts your chances either.

    Drew Brees, David Patten and Lance Moore – I know what you’re thinking. David who? Lance who? But the fact of the matter is that Colston only hauled in one ball albeit for a score. Patten went over 100 yards and Moore hauled in 60+ and a score. Brees looked like he did in the preseason; he was extremely accurate and finished with solid numbers 250+ and 2 TD.

    Braylon Edwards – Seriously, this kid is the real deal. Everyone is quick to give Derek Anderson all of the credit for the revitalization of the Browns offense. I say that it is the a combination of a few things; Browns O-line good in protection, Browns running game softening up for the pass and Edwards not getting doubled every play. The kid is a gamer, 3 TDs.

    Ryan Longwell – 55 yards in an open stadium on grass for the win against a tough division rival. The guy’s got icewater in his veins.

    EJ Henderson – I like this guy, good LB. Did you see him blow up McKie yesterday?

    Julius Peppers – Finally, the big game everyone was waiting for. I supposed playing against a QB who was on the street less than 4 days ago helps.

    Sean Taylor – Huge days against a formidable passing attack in the Packers. 2 Picks and a host of solid tackles. I wonder if Taylor signed the record breaking INT ball before giving it back.

  2. Tino Says:

    Thanks Tford. There are a lot of names to mention. Wes Welker as well. great weekend int he NFL.

  3. LOTGK Says:

    I have to add an honorable mention to kicker Ryan Longwell, booted a 55 yard FG as time expired to beat the Bears. It was his longest career field goal.

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