NCAA Salad tossed in a few hours

In a few short hours the NCAA football season was turned upside down. First came the loss of LSU to Kentucky, which should end their reign as the undisputed #1 team in college football. Triple overtime in Kentucky. WOW!

When the score of the LSU game was announced in Berkley, California there was an uproar. All Cal had to do was get past Oregon State and the top spot would be theirs. Then we seen an episode of “When Redshirt Freshman with the game in their hands Attack.”

I saw the field and I thought I could get around that guy,” Kevin Riley said. “It just didn’t happen.”

The Golden Bears were on their way to a tie to take the game to overtime (or a shot at winning) which would have made for an amazing comeback had they won. But with 14 seconds left the Bears ran one more play. It should have been endzone or throw it away but the kid thought he could run it fourteen yards on a very fast Oregon State D. Just like that, Cal’s possible bid for #1 came to an end. Can’t put it all on Riley, he doesn’t play defense and had a great game up until that play…but that is what will be remembered.

BTW, Kudos to the Versus Network on a VERY good game they were able to air in their first year dabbling in college football.

Not the best quality (neither was the play) but we have some video here…

So where does that leave us as the BCS rankings are on the way?

After Ohio State’s pounding of powerhouse Kent State, they will likely be #1 by default. Very good chance they will win out, depends on the season ending game in Michigan. This does not eliminate LSU and Cal from National Title contention. Things will be blurred for a while as lessor teams have better records.

Kansas is 7-0 but their only substantial win comes over Kansas State. Their party could end any week.

Boston College is the lone unbeaten team in the ACC. Virgina Tech should establish who is tops in the conference next week.

Arizona State has had a hell of a two weeks as they all of a sudden find themselves the only unbeaten team int he Pac-10. Still have Cal and USC on the schedule, and should drop at least one more game other than those.

Hawaii could be the next team to go unbeaten and not be int he National Title game.

The feel good story in South Florida is going to hit some hardship with UCONN, Cincey, and Rutgers left on the schedule in the next few weeks.

Only one thing is guaranteed. We are going to be in for a lot of Playoffs vs. BCS talk for the next couple of months.

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