NFL Footballderdash/Week Six

Welcome to week six of NFL Footballderdash. So I read yesterday that the Cowboys and Patriots game will be only the third time since the AFL-NFL merger that two teams 5-0 or better have faced off during a season. So we have that game to pick, among others, but first let’s review…


TINO: 2-1 (10-5 overall)

Kelloggs23: 2-1 (9-6 overall)

Giving Myth a chance to do his hometown thing since he let me go with the Vikings game a couple weeks back. I really, really, really wanna pick the Saints (I think it is only because I am an avid watcher of K-Ville (Monday nights on Fox @ 9pm CST)), but I can’t go against my gut and stick with the Seahawks. They had a big off week against the Steelers last week and Deion Branch is expected to miss the game, but I think Shaun Alexander will be the next to expose the weak New Orleans defense. FGs will be a common factor in this match-up.

Kelloggs23: Seattle Seahawks

So how it works is I send Kelloggs some games to pick from that I think are going to be the games of the week every week and then he pretty much just sends me back whatever the hell he wants. My nemesis takes a shot at twisting the knife here on a Saints fan (my user name at is The Myth) and tells you he is doing me a favor…see how evil he is? As hard as it is for me to pick against the Saints I have t be realistic. They have done a little less than nothing this season and I can’t pick them for anything until they do a little more than something. This is obviously Kelloggs trying to get me to go homer to close the gap on the overall score. Kelloggs lets out a big evil belly laugh as I pick…

TINO: Seahawks @
Tampa seems to be the new Denver this year by just plugging in RBs and letting them go. Graham gets the call this week, but Vince Young is going to bring his “A” game and make it all not matter. Their running game will keep TB guessing and Vince will do the rest. I think TB’s D will keep this one close, but I don’t see Jeff Garcia winning it by himself. It’s been fun to watch Tampa defy the odds and win thus far, but wins will be few and far between after this week.

Kelloggs23: Tennessee Titans

Tampa Bay is a small favorite in this game. Jeff Garcia has been a big upgrade for them this season at QB, just as Coach Gruden thought he would be. The Bucs D is playing better than expected. Something we seen in the Bucs v. Colts game is that the Colts play the Tampa-2 better than Tampa does…and Vince Young didn’t do too shabby against the Colts Tampa-2. The Titans running game and defense is going to out play the Bucs patched up running game and defense.

TINO: Titans @
Tom Brady! Tony Romo! Terrell Owens! Randy Moss! Junior Seau! Nick Folk! Just a game filled with superstars and 5-0 teams. I really want to go with Dallas (and probably will in pick ’em), but I can’t risk it here because I know Myth will go with the favorites (like always) and choose New England. Tony Romo will bounce back nicely and TO will have a decent game, but look for Dallas’s running game to be shut down. Maroney would be a nice return for NE, but Sammy will get it done if need be. New England can blame the schedule makers if they lose this one. Had it been in primetime, Randy would have gone off and won the game by himself.

Kelloggs23: New England Patriots

My nemesis says I always go with the favorites (excuses start rolling in)…truth is I use a simple formula of picking who I think is going to win the game (I have not let homerism run my score down). This game is simple for me. The Patriots have been flawless. Kind of the flip side of the Saints. I can’t pick against the Patriots until they do something wrong. I would have said the same for the Cowboys until last week. There is no reason a team that is supposed to be “unstoppable” is almost stopped by the Bills. Despite that, I look for this to be a great game and it should be interesting to see T.O.’s ego try to keep up with Randy Moss.

TINO: Patriots

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2 Responses to “NFL Footballderdash/Week Six”

  1. Troy Says:

    The difference between the Patriots and Cowboys is like the sun and the moon. The Patriots and Colts are obviously in a league of their own, above everyone else. The Pats had an extra day off than what the Cowboys had. They also had time to watch film and see what Buffalo (the 2nd-most injury-jammed team second to St. Louis) did to stop the offense. Let’s not forget, New England’s defense is nearly 50 times better than Buffalo’s.

    But let’s not kid ourselves. Everyone has bad games. Romo had a bad game. He’s better than that, EVEN against a superior team like the New England Patriots. However, I expect the Pats to win 38-13 (38’s their magic number this season) and show again why they’re the freakin’ Patriots.

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