NFL Footballderdash/Week Five

So last week a little homerism got in the way of Kelloggs23 picking Lord Favre and the Packers over the Vikings. This gives me a one game lead on the season. Kelly was a little long winded this week so we can get right to this weeks games…


TINO: 2-1 (8-4 overall)

Kelloggs23: 1-2 (7-5 overall) @

The Lions are smoking in the passing game. 34 points against the Bears D in the fourth quarter last week. That’s an NFL record. Problem is they can’t run the ball…at all. The D ranks toward the bottom of the league as well. The Redskins could very easily be 3-0 right now coming off their bye week had it not been for some bum play calling by Joe Gibbs at the end of the Giants game. The Skins are still underrated even though they have a decent defense and running game coming in. The game plan should be to run the ball and keep Kitna and the passing game off the field.

The Lions have never won in D.C.

TINO: Redskins
I like the “feel-good” (or maybe that’s just how I view it) story of the Lions not being the Loser Lions this year, but Washington is very underrated IMHO and will take the Lions to the cleaners. The Lions passing game is the only thing that has a chance for the Lions in this one, but I don’t see Kitna getting a whole lot of time to throw. KJones’s return helps the running game, but Washington’s LBs are among the best in the game. Detroit will get a heavy dose of Portis/Betts with Campbell taking the underneath routes.

Kelloggs23: Washington Redskins @

Both of these teams have wins over the Niners, okay. They both have a loss to the Cardinals. The Seahawks are looking pretty good out in the NFC West. The running game isn’t what it has been but the Seahawks don’t mind going to the air. The Steelers looked like they were going to be an offensive power house coming into the season but were muffled by the Cardinals last week. Don’t get me wrong but I think those Steeler fans need to be knocked down every now and then (that was a jab at friends and family, if I don’t know you your fine). Now we get to see how a Mike Tomlin team responds to a loss.

Toss up in this one, going with the home team.

TINO: Steelers
Wasn’t this a Super Bowl a couple years ago? And here’s a shocker, it could be again this year. Seattle has a very underrated D and Pittsburgh’s O is playing like they were when they won it all. Shaun Alexander will have a so-so game, look for Deion Branch to have a pretty good day. The Seattle offense isn’t going to scare anyone with big play ability, but they are able to move the ball and get into scoring position consistently. Pittsburgh will have a hard time if Hines doesn’t play so they’ll look to WeeWillie to put last game behind him and bounce back. SHolmes over the top will hit a couple of times and pay off big. I see the Pittsburgh D holding Seattle to a lot of FGs and Big Ben leading the Steelers O to just enough points to get the W.

Kelloggs23: Pittsburgh Steelers
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I’ll bet Rex Grossman had this game circled as a W coming into the season. Rex and his W are sitting on the bench now. The Bears are not going to have the easy run in the NFC that everyone thought. Plugging in Brian Griese didn’t do anything to help the Bears passing game. The Running game isn’t as tough as they thought it would be. Damn, the D is nowhere anyone thought they would be. On the other side of the ball the Packers defense has been surprising. They are bending, giving up a lot of yards, but not breaking and giving up points. The running game is nowhere to be found. They do have that Favre guy though. I hear he broke some kind of record. The record was a given this year, all he had to do was come back. We all know that Favre wants another ring and although they likely won’t get it, it will be fun to watch.

Last time Favre beats up on the Bears at home?

TINO: Packers
Did anyone really expect this rivalry to actually have any meaning this year? I mean Favre comes back for (possibly) his last year and GB sucks while Chicago is coming off of a Super Bowl year and is going to crush everyone in the NFC North. What? Favre is undefeated & Chicago is tied for last in the North? Is this 1997 again? For some reason, I’m not surprised. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a Vikings fan my entire life and have seen Favre pull something out of his (dark side) time and time again. Or maybe he knew something we all didn’t and GB was just a player away from something wonderful. Either way, I’m not betting against Favre at home now that he has that record thing out of the way. Chicago should have picked up Byron or moved up in the draft to get Quinn because their QB situation is just plain terrible. Sad thing is, their running game isn’t looking all that great either. That’s some pretty good drafting of skill positions on offense over the last 5 years or so, huh? Regardless, Green Bay defends their home turf and keeps the dream season going.

Kelloggs23: Green Bay

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