Who in the hell do I start Week Five?

Are you getting hit by injuries on top of bye weeks? I don’t know that I have had it this bad before. Could be because I’m in so many leagues this season but it sure does seem like it’s pouring rather than raining.

So let’s have them. Questions/answers on start/bench. Trade offers? Who to pick up for FA?

I’ll share a little bit. I’m not big on trades myself. I’m usually too attached to who I draft and it has worked well for me. I’m kicking myself in the ass now when prior to week one I accepted a counter to a trade offer where I sent Tony Romo and T.O. off for Marc Bulger and Marvin Harrison. I was not yet sold on Romo (week one had not even been played yet) last season and thought I was getting more out of that deal. IDIOT!

So anyway, Who in the hell are you going to start?

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13 Responses to “Who in the hell do I start Week Five?”

  1. Bill Says:

    What do you think about Dominic Rhodes? Is he worth picking up on the waiver wire?

  2. wittybanter Says:

    What I don’t get is why is there absolutely no player on the New Orleans Saints performing? I have Reggie Bush and have been getting by with his multiple abilities on the field but he has yet to impress like last year. I’m at my wits end on whether to start him or not considering that he is likely to get more touches with Deuce out but the whole team has not done a thing. What do you think?

  3. Tino Says:

    Bill…Things almost looked good (still might) for Rhodes when Lamont Jordan got injured. X-Rays came back negative on his back and they will have a bye week to rest him. They are still going to run more tests yet and who knows how this will effect Jordan the rest of the season. Rhodes is fresh but would likely split time with Fargus. Tough to say right now, you know you can’t use him for another week anyway. Watch the Lamont Jordan situation. If he gets significant time I think Rhodes will be productive.

    Wittybanter…I’m a huge Saints fan and I’m at a loss over their play. This season is not rolling out fantasy wise like it was supposed to at all! Myself, I can’t start a Saint until they do something. We know they are bound to break out one of these weeks but I’m likely going to miss out on that week because I don’t trust them starting for me. Hopefully they got something figured out this last bye week.

  4. Bill Says:

    thanks tino…here’s another one: better pickup, Sammy Morris or Earnest Graham?

  5. Tino Says:

    It looks like Sammy Morris could have a really good season. Maroney will still be the guy but Morris will get plenty of work and in that offense he could put up 10 plus TD’s and over 1000 yards for the season. Not top guy material but great bye week, injury fill in…especially if that injury turns out to be Maroney.

    I have been racing around trying to pick up Earnest Graham this week. We don’t know enough about him but if your hurting at RB like I am in some leagues with injuries all you need to know is he is going to get carries and goal line time. I don’t see him being a #1 fantasy RB sharing time with Pittman but like Morris, a great bye week filler or injury replacement.

    If I had to choose between the two…likely Morris. But Morris was already gone in most of my leagues.

  6. Bill Says:

    Ok Tino, I picked up Sammy Morris and am now looking at possibly benching Thomas Jones and playing Morris week 5. I know groin injuries can linger so I am hoping for Maroney to sit again or him to be limited. Plus New England will most likely smoke the Browns. What are your thoughts? Morris or Jones?

  7. Bill Says:

    P.S. your advice has been stellar for me this far. I appreciate it!!!

  8. tjford Says:

    Alright smart guys. I need an opinion 1 pt/ 20 yds rush rec all TDs are 6 pts.

    I have Portis, McGahee and Marion Barber going at RB1, RB2 and flex. I have the option of Branch, Colston and Holmes.

    I’m thinking about going with Holmes if Ward doesn’t play but I’m not sure about Branch or Colston.

    In this league, you have to play the TD players. Yardage doesn’t win games for you. That being said, both Seattle and New Orleans are throwing teams. New Orleans just doesn’t have any other legit options at WR other than Colston.

    What’s your play here?

  9. tjford Says:


    If Maroney doesn’t play, I would most definitely play Morris over Jones. I look to Morris filling the role that Corey Dillon left behind. Morris figures to take the majority of the carries at the stripe as well as serving a spell role for Maroney.

    If Maroney does play, I say it is a much more difficult choice with the edge going to Jones in my opinion.

  10. Tino Says:

    tjford…Like I said above, I’m staying away from all Saints until they do something. If I had to choose from Branch and Holmes I would go Holmes. Either could be a decent start though.

    Bill, tjford sums up the Morris thing pretty good. Let it ride on Maroney’s health, if he is out you have to go with Morris!

  11. Bill Says:

    awesome…but where does lendale white fall into this mix? i will go morris over white and jones in the event maroney is out. i’ve been pleasantly surprised by white’s productivity but i’m still not real confident as using him as a starter.

  12. Tino Says:

    White is in an unfriendly fantasy situation, isn’t he? He seems to have gained the starting job but that doesn’t mean more than a word when they are going to give a little less than half the load to Chris Brown. White should get the goal line stuff. He has a good matchup against the Falcons this week but not as good as Morris if he starts.

    Another one to watch, if it isn’t too late, is Selvin Young, Denver RB. I ran out and got him this week in leagues I had not drafted him in (or drafted him and since let him go) because of Travis Henry’s injury. Now, to my benefit, turns out Henry can’t stay away from the pot, so Young may have the job in Denver.

  13. Bill Says:

    Congrats on the young pickup…i was too late to snatch him up. anyhow, i’m starting morris over the other two. thanks!

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