Monday AM Hangover/Week Four

  • My 3 1/2 year-old son was bouncing on my chest wanting me to hang him upside down again when I stopped him and turned his focus to the TV again. I was doing this on every Packers play. I got the pleasure of watching Brett Favre throw TD’s #241 and 242 with my boy. He won’t remember it but I can always tell him he seen it. Kudos to Brett Favre! We need more like him. He is the anti-thug that the NFL needs more of. Press conferences in beat up jeans and a t-shirt with the pickup parked outside.
  • Look at it this way Dan Marino…there will be less talk about how you have all these records but no Super Bowl ring.
  • Okay, I’m just about convinced that Tony Romo is for real. An interesting comparison that I guess has been going around but I had not heard yet is that of Romo to Roger Staubach. Even from Roger himself.
  • If your going to let your QB got smashed by an 308 pound DT (Niners O-Line) and lose him in favor of Trent Dilfer…at least lay a hand on him, don’t give him a free run.
  • Who would have thought the Browns would have as many wins as 10 other teams int he NFL after 4 weeks? Not the Ravens.
  • What a week of upsets. Browns over Ravens, Cards over Steelers, Atlanta over the Texans (yeah I call it an upset), Detroit pulling 37 points on the Bears, and KC stomping the Chargers. The Saints didn’t lose.

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