NFL Footballderdash/Week Four

Grasshopper has swiped the stone for my hand and once again has proven to be a worthy adversary. My confidence that Rex Grossman would be inconsistent in his bad play and have a decent game made the overall series tied at 6-3.

Last Week

TINO: 2-1 (6-3 overall)

Kelloggs23: 3-0 (6-3 overall)

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I usually make a point not to read Kelloggs23’s post before doing my own. I did today and I have to wonder how this kid even knows what Steve Largent looks like…impressive. The Giants have banked up their defense all season into one quarter last week. They looked great in that 4th quarter but I’m not forgetting about the ten quarters before that. The Eagles are coming off their best offensive game of the year and would love to take that into New York to pound on a division rival.

Eagles just plain outclass the Giants in this one.


Which McNabb is going to show up? The one who sucks or the one who thinks he get criticized more and then plays the best game of his life. And which Westbrook will show up, the one who is healthy but doesn’t do anything or the one with 1 bum knee and tears the place up? Which Kevin Curtis, the white guy who plays like a white guy or the one who looks like Steve Largent? Either way, Philly wins this game just based on their defense.

Kelloggs23: Philadelphia Eagles

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This game should be a defensive battle. All eyes are on Brett Favre and the passing game…for record reasons and there is no running game in Green Bay. Favre struggled early in his career, well, most of it in the Dome but has really come on his last few starts there. The Green bay defense will be the first real test for Adrian Peterson. The Vikings QB situation is ugly and they have to hope for a score on D.

Brett Favre and a strong D outweigh Peterson and a strong D for me.

TINO: Packers

Brett Favre is looking like he is in his prime and the Green Bay D has surprised everyone with their play. It ends here. The Minnesota defense is going to shut down Favre and bring back memories of the Randle era. Bollinjacksocomb will not lose the game and Chester will return with a decent game along with ADAP. I’m a homer in this pick, but I really do believe that the Vikes can pull this one out.

Kelloggs23: Minnesota Vikings @
Indy is not as scary as usual…yet. A key to the game is going to be running the ball and Dallas Clark/ Anthony Gonzalas over the middle all day. Denver needs to provide a pass rush and not give Peyton time to pick them apart. Their strong corners can shore up the outside for most of the game but as mentioned above, the Colts won’t have to use their big time WR’s if they just go with the center of the field.

TINO: Colts

Indy’s D will give up 200 yards of rushing, so if you have Travis Henry on your fantasy team make sure you play him. Peyton will throw for 350 yards, so make sure you play him. There isn’t much else I can say about this game except that Indy is going to win.

Kelloggs23: Indianapolis Colts

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