NFL Jabber 9/27/07  Looks like David Carr is going to get to audition to be that “QB of the future” that everyone talked about when the Panthers signed him.  Downer for Carr is Jake D has been playing well.

“Honestly, I do feel better on this team,” Carr said. “I’m more relaxed. I’m not being pressed to do things I don’t need to be doing. I feel like I can go out with my mechanics and all that, and just throwing the football in general, I feel like that just comes naturally and I don’t have to think about it.

“That’s freeing as far as playing quarterback. Now, it’s just completing balls and throwing to the right guy.”

  It wasn’t long ago when the bye week came with a sigh of relief for Saints fans.  No loss this week! give five reasons the Saints are winless.  Mike, Mike, Mike.  Failed drug tests don’t help your day in court no matter what it is your up for.  Word is that Josh McCown is going to be out this week.  That was the word last week as well.  Daunte Culpepper waits for his first shot as a Raider…may or may not be this weekend.

“Last time we were told he wouldn’t be back for two or three weeks, and he was back in two days,” Coach Kiffin said. “So, I don’t know.”  Trent Edwards is getting his shot at the Bills QB job.


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