NFL Jabber 9/25/07 It was pretty obvious that Coach McCarthy was trying to help Brett Favre get to the TD record this weekend as they were going to the line with an empty backfield on the goal line. It was also pretty awesome to watch. The pretty thing about the record tying TD was that it was to win the game. That made the whole thing all good. You know he was going to get tot he record this season but it would have taken away from the feeling had it been in a loss. The Packers are 3-0 folks. More records to be had. It’s fun to watch what COULD be Favre’s last season.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Donovan McNabb shouldn’t see as much pressure for being black this week after a monster game and the Eagles winning…but that doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I wonder if the suicide rate jumped in New Orleans last night. Not only is the team looking like a high dollar AINT’s team, Deuce could be out for the season. The crew didn’t make it any easier to watch the game with the volume on as they spent a great portion of the game marveling in how terrible the Saints are. FINALLY! Lovie Smith has the perfect chance to make the move. He may roll over in bed and tell Rex on Thursday.

“Will Rex Grossman start Sunday?” coach Lovie Smith asked on Monday, repeating the question. “Well, our evaluation process is going on right now, and if you come out to practice Wednesday, you’ll have a better idea of who will be starting at all positions.” Has Smith made a decision?

“I’m always thinking ahead,” he said. Steven Jackson finally gets the ball rolling and he “partially tears” his groin in the process. Jackson out, in comes Brian Leonard.

“He’ll be week-to-week after that,” Scott Linehan said. “It’s a rest-and-heal type of injury.”

Most likely, it’s at least a two- to three-week injury. Enter Leonard, the second-round draft pick from Rutgers.

“No. 23 (Leonard) is going to get his first NFL start,” Linehan said. “That’s what we’re going to do.” In a big conference matchup the Niners will have to go without Vernon Davis.

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2 Responses to “NFL Jabber 9/25/07”

  1. OMAR Says:

    Sorry. McCarthy wasn’t involved in trying to get FavRe the record. The truth is that the Pack just doesn’t have much of a running game. Also, the weakness of the Chargers is their pass defense, so it makes perfect sense to attack San Diego through the air.

  2. Tino Says:

    Apology accepted.

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